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If we get the same questions a lot we’ll post them here.

Q: Can you post this release? it’s not on the site yet.
A: Ask in the main irc channel #sceper and if an editor will post it.

Q: Can you unban me from the irc server? (zlined etc.)
A: No, we can’t.

Q: How can I play a wii game (or any other game) after I download it?
A: We aren’t a helpdesk, there are other forums for this and/or use google.

Q: I’ve got a suggestion for the site, who can I tell?
A: Check for contact details at the Contact us page.

Q: Where can I trade invites?
A: Not our concern.

Q: Where can I find more info about affil/link exchange etc.?
A: Check the Contact us page.

Q: How often do you do an invite giveaway?
A: Only on special occasion, sometimes we announce it and sometimes we don’t.

Q: I want to help Sceper but not as an editor, what can I do?
A: Mail us with what you can do or want to do and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Q: Why isn’t there an embed video or download link with the release?
A: There isn’t one, it’s still uploading, it will be uploaded later or totally not.