Wikileaks sceper cable 2011-SR

Wikileaks has released a new cable today, it contains information that it’s Sta1ns’s birtday today!
Happy bday Sta1ns from myself and all the staff, we wish you a good new inet connection!

50TB insecure paysite and uploaders exposed-InsecureIdiots

Release Name:
Release Date: 15/09/2010
Filename: idiots01
Size:5.30 MB
Some websites leaked a huge ftp list and I have randomly found this inside

Some websites leaked a huge ftp list and I have randomly found this inside

see proof01.jpg

OK so lets use some socks proxy and try to connect there
And wtf is this? Some paysite with all the infos in welcome message

Hmm nice so see proof02.jpg and we can continue
The language in that msg is hungarian, if you didnt recognize it yourself. So we can see here 41TB site (its almost 50TB as you can see later) on 2000Mbit link with bank contact info a price in welcome msg :D

from 150Kbps for 2000 forints/month (about 7 euro
to 1300Kbps for 11000 forints/month (about 39 euro
and we have account for 2500 forints now created 5 years ago, very nice business for owners probably

Also we can see ftp, http and irc adress here. okok this start to be interesting. So lets explore the site
See proof03.jpg – proof10.jpg

As you can see on screens there is not much uploaders but site is good supplied
There are more sections than you can see on screens but I thing this is enough

Now we can check the website from welcome msg
On proof11.jpg you can see bank contact and prices again

proof12.jpg some personal info on account we have and here I must say “thank you movi for your stupidity and providing login infos” :D

proof13.jpg and proof14.jpg are top up/down so if you have any of those users on your site you know what to do

proof15.jpg here you can see users and siteops on main channel

proof16.jpg users on announce channel

proof17.jpg current site space and bw with 165 leechers nice

Now depending on this site I found some other bnc of this site

and proof18.jpg proof19.jpg proof20.jpg

This all matches

Ok why not try to google that ips and wtf we find? Another logins to site but probably already dead

see proof21.jpg proof22.jpg proof23.jpg

Here is whois ops and users in channel
future vroland H :0 s6oSeO3aK
future SortrenD H :0 sortrend
future Hokusz H :0
future Studiwork H :0 Studiwork
future MrBarnes H :0 Mr Barnes
future broz H :0 broz
future marunga H :0 dddddddddddd
future F16falcon Hr F16falca.fogonosz.a.poklok.ura :0 F16falc
future forbidden Hr& kissmydickadmin.fusion :0 doggystyler
future sh H shA7E667CB.65893903.85744335.IP :0 sh
future martin H martin121217FC.303F4D23.57D5EAD1.IP :0 martin
future bogyoka Hr bogyokasitebot.fusion :0 i’am bogyoka
future Keksz H keksz10901D04.EAAEC5C9.A05AB47B.IP :0 dontwhoismebitch
future ReaKToR Hr reaktorsitebot.fusion :0 i’am reaktorocska
future sleepee H sleepee240738DC.F13263AF.A05AB47B.IP :0 sleepee
future delmapihi H delmapihiA4BB81B9.F13263AF.A05AB47B.IP :0 delmapihi
future infected H :0 infected
future drkotaszBNC H drkotasszA7E1AB30.E58BA24D.33C29C07.IP :0 drkotassz
future SerapisAW H Serapis7AAA13A3.E58BA24D.33C29C07.IP :0 Serapis
future zEuS H zEuSFBF4D932.CD801C92.111862E8.IP :0 zEuS
future prehun H prehunA262BFB0.9060FB37.2869C819.IP :0 main
future toget Hr :0 toget
future haribo H mayday10901D04.EAAEC5C9.A05AB47B.IP :0 mayday
future quick H quickC0914AA3.F5FCA316.7C78B39B.IP :0 quicky
future End of /WHO list

marunga is also known as GMR
here is whois marunga from IRCnet
marunga is dddddddddddd
marunga using .hu ATW
marunga End of WHOIS list

and whois GMR from LinkNET
GMR is eeggdssdgdsyy
GMR using LinkNet IRC Network
GMR is an SSL Encrypted Client
gmr End of /WHOIS list

Delpurge these fuckers and make scene little more secure


Site Busts 07-09-10 READNFO-WARNiNG & Reply.Site.Busts.07-09-10.READNFO-ANTi_PENiS2PENiS

Release Name: Site.Busts.07-09-10.READNFO-WARNiNG
Release Date: 07/09/2010
Filename: site.busts.07-09-10-warning.rar
Size: 622 bytes

There has been some raids today in .eu many sites got busted, confirmed sites that got hit: BAR LOST SC.
Anyone who has more infomation on the sites/users that got busted please make a scene notice!

Update 1: More info here

NFODownload hotfile

Check nfo, to long for the post.
NFODownload hotfile


As with all things they come and they go.  “Seasons fade and roses die.”  I regret to inform you that after 7 years and 8,000 releases the group ViRiLiTY has decided to say farewell.  Read NFO for more full details.

——–  NFO  ——–

Multiple Groups Involved With P2P SCENE NOTICE-iND



The Game Scene Charts – Issue 29

Release Group: TGSC or (Game Scene Charts Staff)
Release Name: The Game Scene Chart Issue # 29
Release Date: Feb 28, 2009
Size: 662 KB


We Steal From-Torrent Sites-2009-SCENE NOTICE-WuSiWuG

First off, SORRY. This is long. I included a pile of proof. I hate scene notices that dont
back up their claims with proof. Theyre usually pred by rival groups trying to get the subject of
the scene notice a bad name. These arent claims. These are facts, and I have nothing to gain by
preing this, except a slightly more secure scene. Theyll probably just change name and get
affild on another site but hopefully any legit sites will be more careful in future.

So… who else noticed the nice 720p HDTV movies WuSiWuG had been preing?

Id never heard of them, but they seem to pre everything. X264, MP3, XViD, PS3, Swedish stuff…
There arent that many groups with their fingers in so many pies…

Anyway, these movies theyd been preing, theyre all stuff that hasnt gone/might never go retail
on bluray. Nice movies that, for whatever reason, arent available to buy in HD. Their pres fill
a gap. Fair play to them.

But… Theyre preing stuff capped from all over the world. Stuff that aired on UK telly, US, DE,
the list goes on. Odd thing number 2.

THEN, they pred A.Beautiful.Mind.2001.HDTV.720p.x264-WuSiWuG which appears to have had the credits
cut off, then the credits capped from an old VHS tape or something tacked on at the end. The credits
are horrible quality. A friend suggested that perhaps they showed the credits in a little box on
the screen, and showed whats coming on next on the rest of the screen, and whoever capped it
has resized that corner of the screen to full screen. Either way its awful quality and thats
classic P2P group behaviour.

But theyre not a P2P group, as such.

They just steal all their stuff from P2P groups.

If you have a site with these guys on it, make sure the siteop sees this evidence, its pretty damning.
Theres no way they can possibly deny it. Whatever WuSiWuG pre, it hit torrents days, weeks or even
months before. The nice thing is, if you open up x264 movies in mediainfo, it tells you the time and
date it was encoded. Same time for the P2P releases, and then the WuSiWuG pres, which pred after the
P2P stuff.

Horrendous coincidence, Im sure theyll claim.

The MD5 hashes are the same for WuSiWuG pres and the ORIGINAL P2P releases.

So, to recap.

P2P releases appear first.
WuSiWuG steals them and pres them in the scene.
The files have the exact same size, the same MD5 hash, and the headers hold exactly the same information
on the settings used and the date and time it was encoded.

These wankers clearly steal a significant portion of their releases from P2P. Here are the confirmed
steals, along with links to torrent sites the files were on before WuSiWuG stole them and pred them.

If you share a site with these losers, make sure the siteop purges them or you. These guys are stealing
from P2P so the chances are theyre leaking back to P2P as well. Either way, we can hardly say we dont
condone scene stuff ending up on torrents when we condone scene groups stealing from them.

Heres the confirmed steals so far.

Site Busts And Pottential FBI Raids V2-2007-PREVENTION

Release Group: PREVENTION

Release Name: Site.Busts.And.Pottential.FBI.Raids.V2-2007-PREVENTION
Filename: Site.Busts.And.Pottential.FBI.Raids.V2-2007-PREVENTION
Size: 14 KB


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