Release Group: IMAGiNE (P2P)
Release Name: The Losers DVDSCR XViD – IMAGiNE
Release Date: 4 Apr
Filename: The Losers DVDSCR XViD IMAGiNE
Source: DVDSCR
Size: 1.52 GB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Video: 720 x 304 | 23.976 | 1958 Kbps
Audio: English | AC3 | 256 Kbps
Subtitles: ENG when needed
Runtime: 1 hr 36 mins
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 2,108 votes
Directed By: Sylvain White
Starring:Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans

After being betrayed and left for dead, members of a CIA black ops team root out those who targeted them for assassination.

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  1. ANON /

    Interchangeable Links


  2. sam315 /

    The Losers DVDSCR XViD – IMAGiNE

  3. pirate /

    what is the picture quality and sound like also try converting it with convertx to dvd

  4. mipl /

    iv tried all of dvd converters keeps sayn the same thing

  5. SgtRock /

    From sample, picture fine, but sound is very low, when volume cranked up – hissing sound, will wait for other audio, thanks anyway…………

  6. regular dvd player /

    i can play it in a regular dvd player but not my ps3…anyone know why

  7. regular dvd player /

    i encoded with winavi and convertx and cant watch on bluray player

  8. OsT /

    try re-encode with AGK

  9. this seems more like an r5. no watermarks.

  10. watermark /

    oh it has a watermark alright….audio watermark

  11. Anonymous /

    How is the flawless version?

  12. flawless /

    flawless is real jerky…didnt even try it on ps3…looked like crap

  13. mipl /

    r5 dvdscr who cares better than a cam am i right

  14. DNH /


    ############## ##############

  15. Anonymous /

    How’s the audio on the flawless? If need be I can strip the audio from flawless if its better.

  16. The Losers DVDSCR XViD – IMAGiNE /

    The Losers DVDSCR XViD – IMAGiNE


  17. moviezlink /

  18. locpro /

    links megaloup off

  19. Nickybats /

    Are there any samples?

  20. @23> You are def right. But dvd quality screeners, so long as their not watermarked to shit, tend to be slightly better then r5, especially cause of sound. However, this us not the case here. But I’ll take what i can get.

    Damn shame book of eli screener has such great sound but not such great picture. But free is free

  21. ManoCosta /

    The Losers DVDSCR XViD – IMAGiNE


  22. topBnana /

    looking for 2shared or quickupload links anyone?

  23. cjoker500 /

    any idea when dvdscr of iron man 2 and nightmare on elm street will come out?

  24. cjoker500 /

    you should definitely get this version of the losers the quality is really good audio and video wise!

  25. @42 /

    the way things are going nowdays I’d say an mkv r5 should be out in next few days

  26. mipl /

    mine aint playin bluray player ps3 dvd help help

  27. iSMD /

    ps3 jus got an update an u cant play copyrighted material, works fine on the 360

  28. people with ps3 issues /

    are your monitors turned on ? do you put the dvd label up or down ?

  29. /

    The Losers TS XViD – IMAGiNE
    Size: 1,33 GB || no pass || links are interchangeables


    Mirror..: FDV-T.Los.rs_TS-IMAG.part1.rar FDV-T.Los.rs_TS-IMAG.part2.rar FDV-T.Los.rs_TS-IMAG.part3.rar FDV-T.Los.rs_TS-IMAG.part4.rar FDV-T.Los.rs_TS-IMAG.part5.rar FDV-T.Los.rs_TS-IMAG.part6.rar FDV-T.Los.rs_TS-IMAG.part7.rar



  30. Dibs /

    ..Dont know what update yall are talking about works fine on my PS3…try reconverting the entire file with WINHD and it should work “Parker”

  31. Somniantis /

    For those with Bru-ray and PS3 playback problems, is because of CINAVIA DRM, the sound has a watermark.

  32. mipl /

    how do we fixit m8 plz


    “Movies protected by Cinavia technology carry inaudible codes embedded by the copyright owner in their audio tracks that indicate where and how they are allowed to be used. For example, movies that are being released to theaters can carry a Cinavia code that indicates that they are supposed to be duplicated by professional replicators and played back on professional projection equipment only,” reads the official site.

  34. mipl /

    we all know tht how do we get rid

  35. Touche /

    Freaking lame Cinavia bullcrap. Hopefully there’s a workaround for that stuff if their going to start pulling that junk on all future release. Doesn’t play on PS3 and newer blueray players because it’s audio protected.

  36. audio idea ! /

    you re-paste the cam audio on the screener and presto it’s ps3 friendly

  37. Anonymous /

    go old school “dvd players” they dont have the Cinavia

  38. swe /

    bet you there’s a way around by tomorrow

  39. monkeytits /

    I bet you there won’t be swe. The same thing happened with Shutter Island and Wolfman. Still no workaround for newer blurayplayers and ps3 and those releases have been out forever. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  40. Anonymous /

    wonder why i cant get this from usenet

  41. swe /

    monkeytits this is bad news but I think someone will find a way or a converter patch or ps3 os downgrade there is always a solution in time otherwise ps3 s gonna hit the fan

  42. monkeytits /

    Should’ve got an xbox swe. I have a standalone Phillips divx player and a PC hooked up to my HD tv. Don’t have to worry about sony’s bs. All they do is take away features with every new update. Hell, they won’t even let you install linux anymore.

  43. swe /

    the thing is my pc is hooked up on my monitor via hdmi so no prmoblems there playing mkv or anything else. I was only freakin out when it was brought up that my ps3 couldn’t play it. But now after converting a sample of losers with convertxtodvd it seems to work and so does the entire shutter island, go figure

  44. iHD /

    The.Losers.DVDSCR.XViD-IMAGiNE [1.51 GB]…iHD…avi

  45. monkeytits /

    Can anyone confirm that the flawless or imagine versions will play after using convertxtodvd on them? Shutter Island I can understand as there was multiple audio sources for that. A sample of this I can understand because the section you sampled may not contain the frequencies of the drm at that precise moment. The problem is they are peppered throughout the audio at random points. You may get twenty minutes into it and then bam… error.

  46. monkeytits /

    Play in a cinavia drm protected device that is.

  47. eemas /

    Multiupload links (Megaupload, Rapidshare, Hotfile, Depositfiles, Uploading links in it!)

    The Losers DVDSCR XViD-IMAGiNE

    No pass :D Enjoy ;)

  48. 2CamelsInATinyCar /

    I checked the sample, it looked fine. No problem with audio & video. Now downloading the movie…would seed as long as possible. Thanks to “Imagine” and all who are seeding it…

    By the way, anyone knows when can we have DVD Rip of IronMan2 ?

    Thank you guys.

  49. Anonymous /

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  51. djshotty /

    Thanks to (#124), your Hotfile links are working, cheers for the share…

  52. damit /

    re-post please