Mirrors Edge Crackfix-RELOADED

Release Group: RELOADED
Release Name: Mirrors.Edge.Crackfix-RELOADED
Release Date: January 15, 2009
Genre: First-Person Action Adventure
Size: 12.33 MB

Mirror’s Edge introduces players to Faith, a “runner” in a world where communication channels are highly monitored and the movement of human traffic is closely watched. When Faith’s sister gets framed for a murder she did not commit, Faith finds herself on the edge of the city, on the wrong side of the law.

Mirror’s Edge delivers players straight into the shoes of this modern day heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat, fast-paced chases and challenging puzzles. With a never-before-seen sense of movement and perspective, players are drawn into Faith’s world.

Fix notes: A trigger causing the gameplay to slow down during the fourth level, resulted  in an unplayable game. This crackfix resolves the problem. Enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous /

    where’s that notorious movie ???

  2. Anonymous /

    Where can I download this? It doesn’t seem to exist?

  3. Digital_Hazard /

    rapidshare link added

  4. you guys are legends have to wait 6 hours to dl it haha i love it!!!

  5. i mean i had to wait until now

  6. dejw44 /

    damm protection

  7. PatreZ /



    1. Unrar.
    2. Copy the cracked exe to your install\Binaries folder.
    3. Play the game.


  8. now it says it cant save ? :( ?

  9. Strelok /

    It dosn’t work my game just crashed :(

  10. xrel.to /


    1. Unrar.
    2. Copy the cracked exe to your install\Binaries folder.
    3. Play the game.

    Original Scene Release with original rars, nfo, sfv


  11. RLD-GRP /


    1. Unrar.
    2. Copy the cracked exe to your install\Binaries folder.
    3. Play the game.


    No Fake, Real Release!

  12. Nuttensohn /


    1. Unrar.
    2. Copy the cracked exe to your install\Binaries folder.
    3. Play the game.


    No Virus, No Fake, 100% Scene Release.

  13. vagper13 /

    damn!!!i’m still getting the same error and with that crackfix!!!i can’t save my game or my settings!!!this is the screen message,i’m getting!if anyone knows what can i do,plz help me!!! :/


  14. DonDany21 /

    @ GNS
    Why the crack is exactly 5000kb?

  15. wat ya sayin? /

    workin?… anyone?

  16. i cant open the rar-files

    pls give another link as this rapidshare shit

  17. prepodloh /

    But what about crack for patched version? I see lousy freezes on my physx enabled system with version 1.0.
    Version 1.0.1 had to deal with these, but only 1.0 is cracked at the moment.

  18. fixed it I gotta run it as admin now

  19. preakz /

    Hope a crack for version 1.0.1 gonna come up soon ..

  20. akhareshe /

    Download Mirrors Edge Crack fix-RELOADED (Size: 13 MB)

    No Password

  21. does any of these deal with the slow down problem at the 4th lvl?

  22. Freak TNAWWE /

    mine never starts it gets 2 the opening screen then freezes
    Mii Email is DEWjr1990 @ aol .com

  23. Failing to launch the game now, worked fine with first crack but had slowdowns at fourth level.

    Running on XP64, AMD Athlon

  24. Derkuiz /

    hey Modz! how can I do to save games?

    Please! t me!!

  25. Freak TNAWWE /

    Ok I Downloaded The New Crack And Still Nothing
    It Doesnt Even Load It Just Stays Like That

  26. not working for me. im getting an error. the game dont even load.

  27. this crack is bullshit. it doesnt work. it was working fine before (with the slowdown glitch). now the game dont even load anymore. i guess ill just have to wait for a PROPER one.

  28. Anonymous /

    same here dosent load anymore

  29. LeSTAT /

    still don’t work…. i dunno why, happends after visits your sister in the crime scene…

  30. I havent had the chance to play the game yet, but there are few things I can suggest that might help your problems:

    1. Update your drivers
    2. Disable PhysX
    3. Lower the graphic settings and try playing the part again

  31. I downloaded new crackfix and it doesn’t work(crash when I launch the game…)

  32. Still crashing when the game is launched, even with the 1.01 crack

    Works fine with first crack, aside for the slowing down issues on chapter 4

  33. r4[Z]0r /

    Yeah… It’s really slowed down on the 4. lvl…. THX RELOADED. Won’t it slow down on higher lvl? xD

  34. derkuiz /

    i can’t save my game or my settings!! how can i do???

  35. Kilen81 /

    Having the Save problem too! I have no i dea how to fix it, have tried all the cracks and nothing. Running win xp sp2

  36. Yeah… can someone pls help with the saving issue… thxs

  37. I tried updating to 1.01 but it still didn’t fix the saving issue…

  38. Guys I fixed it. I think this problem occurs if u moved ur My Doc to another partition.

  39. Although I don’t have slowdowns anymore, the game crashes every time I try to save settings, whenever I am supposed to finish a Time Trial race, and now, the game always crashes during level 6 (at the first save point), so I’m stuck. Tried every crack out there, v1.0 and v1.01, no luck… XP SP3, ATI 3870 (no PhysX).

  40. BUUUHUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid peace of junk!!!! There isnt a crack that works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF SOMEBODY FINDS ONE THAT IS ACTUALLY WORKING GIVE ME A LINK !!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Robert /

    Currently no cracks that works with 1.0.1. Crashes to desktop right after intro screen for me.

  42. Kilen81 /

    Andy u the man!! That fixed everything right up…. DAMN U BILL GATES!!!!!!!!!! This solution is also the reason why ive never been able to save my games on Mass Effect too! Now ive got 2 games to play through :D Thx!

  43. wow Kilen81 congrats, 2 games working you must b a happy man. I don’t deserve the thanks I merely found it on the web but I’m glad everything’s working for you. Really wanted to play this game because it looks awesome. Now I have to find a way to fix the alt-tab crashing thing. Can’t msn in the middle of the level because I can’t alt-tab back in the game…

  44. Anonymous /

    ok for those who connot get the game to boot do this… right click ME shortcut then down to properties and click, go to compatibility tab, disable visual themes and turn of advanced text services. the game should now boot and play fine but stil no save fx that i have found yet

    only do this method once patched and cracked to 101

  45. watapak /

    Waaaa…. crack lets me play but crash about every 5~10min… shit men.. although im in level 7 now

  46. please,please,please does anyone know the link of the page where is a crack that fixes the problem with slowin’ down????? The 12 mb crack doesnt work, and the one 57,5 doesnt fix da problem! please!!!

  47. Please someone help!!!! I have the problem with slow down on chapter 3 (or 4)!!!!!!!!! Please help! the 57,5 mb crack doesnt work, and neither does the 12.3 one!!! Help if you can!!! I turned off everythin’, i tried almost every possible solution, but nooooooooooooo, none of them work. Help!!!

  48. Spaceface /

    I had crashes after boot screen and game loading. never got the game up proper, just crashed after u saw that footprint then the logos.

    i fixed it by browsing to this file in my docs, and editing it.
    “C:\Documents and Settings\**(user name)*****\My Documents\EA Games\Mirror’s Edge\TdGame\Config\TdEngine.ini”

    open TdEngine.ini file with notepad or a text editor, and do a find for this line of text
    ” MaxMultisamples=2 “, change the number from 2 to 1, so it now reads ” MaxMultisamples=1 “. save the TdEmgine.ini file, and try running the game now.

    This worked fine for me, on Windows XP SP2, geforce7050 card.

    Try IT. :)

  49. thank you Spaceface. it is working perfectly.

  50. Hey, I downloaded the fixed crack, played it and everything was fine. Im on the 7th level probably. Then I just installed the beta of Windows 7. Now every time I go to open Mirrors Edge, it gives me the Windows error: Mirror’s Edge has stopped working. I recracked it with the original unfixed crack to see if it would work and the game plays, but I still get the slow down problem. Do you think this is because of Windows 7 or is this happening to anyone else?

  51. Saw someone write that it didnt work out correctly even after patching/crackfix. By experience, Ive learned always to backup the files you replace within a non-legal game, such as the .exe, .dll’s, ops, settings w/e. Dunno much abt the crackingpart but I’d recommend ya’ll to use the original .exe @ ME and then replace it with the newly fresh downloaded crack/crackfix/patch.

  52. Anonymous /


  53. How to download :D??

  54. i downloaded it, used teh crack and patch and stuf, im new to this so maybe i didnt do it correctly but when i start the game my screen goes black and then returns to my desktopand something comes up and it says mirrors edge doesnt work anymore, i cant find anyone with the same problem but anyone know what to do?

  55. Anonymous /

    Dude, this totally sucks. I patched the 1.01 version and game crashes when starting a new game at the intro scene. Audio starts to do like d…d….d…d…do…do…do…do and screen just stays at the same image. so i cant play at all.. help would be welcome.

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