Grand Theft Auto IV PC Edition

Release Group:
Release Name: Grand_Theft_Auto_IV_PC_Edition
Release Date: DIC 01, 2008
Filename: GTA IV DVD1.iso / GTA IV DVD2.iso
Source: DVD
Size: 13.85GB
Platform: PC
Genre: Modern Action Adventure
IGN Rating: –
Gamespot Rating: –
Language: English
Developer: Rockstar
Publisher: Rockstar

he fourth installment of the popular series by Rockstar features improved graphics, new features, and new gameplay. Players take on the role of Niko Bellic, a rough-around-the-edge chap from Eastern Europe. Niko has arrived in America, in Liberty City — a land full of promise and opportunity. His cousin convinced him to emigrate, to join him in his mansion and life of luxury, but as soon as he steps off the boat, Niko discovers the truth about the American way. Still, the wealth, the comfort, the bliss of the good life, it all really is here … And it’s all for the taking.

GTA IV reinvents the series with a renewed version of Liberty City detailed to the last pothole and rooftop vent. There are now four boroughs to explore plus extra area outside of Liberty City proper. With the ability to climb obstacles, drive cars, steer boats and pilot helicopters, the world of GTA is more accessible than ever before.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO @ 1.8 GHz/AMD Athlon 64 X2 @ 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 1.5 GB
  • Hard Drive: 16 GB Free
  • Video Memory: 256 MB (nVidia GeForce 7900/ATI Radeon X1900)
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 QUAD @ 2.4 GHz/AMD Phenom X3 @ 2.1 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB (2.5 GB for Vista)
  • Hard Drive: 18 GB Free
  • Video Memory: 512 MB (nVidia GeForce 8600/ATI 3870)
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c or 10
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive

[Editor’s NOTE]: It’s not a fake and it isn’t cracked.
[Release NOTE]: According to the lang.ini there are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. It’s Multi Language.


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    1. fake?

    2. rs links??,reloaded?.bye

    3. The Joker /

      Rs links please yesss Gta iskoci!!!!!!!!!
      I taka znaci gta iskoci i vie ne me razbirate i taka da vi eam mater

    4. We need rs,mu not torrent

    5. I agree, rs please :)

    6. Anonymous /

      I think the name of this site is SCENERELEASES, not p2p or fake releases…

    7. Critical /

      This is not a scene release the torrent is very very very badly seeded
      there is no crack actually i am surprised to find this on SR………………….

    8. Anonymous /

      this ise exactly the same release as TPB. screens are same too. shame.

    9. Working?

    10. Andrzej /


    11. Please RS link

    12. Andrzej skÄ…d masz cracka?


      We need rs link please :@:@:@

    14. Death 260 you are laing

    15. Death260 /

      Ameba, i really don’t know what “laing” means, maybe you tried to say “lieing”, you should learn to speak english…

    16. yes tes

    17. Andrzej /

      You have to change the system data first, activate it offline though.

    18. Where it is possible to get except for as thepiratebay and mininova?

    19. Critical /



    20. Critical How dou you know

    21. Anonymous /

      My money is on RELOADED, even if comes with the release after 1 month.

    22. @Death260 /

      lying :)

    23. bassti /

      Could be a screenshot of the XBOX or PS3-version as well.
      Nevertheless: What do you do with this uncracked crap? Nada. Take the files from a DVD put em in a RAR-file and upload’em… Great effort…

    24. Critical /

      Ameba i know because i have been monitoring comments on TBP & Mininova since yesterday night

      they uploaded the exe file to ask people to help them to crack it :S
      im sorry but this is massive fail

      plus the people downloading this torrent are not interested in sharing the file they only download it and close the torrent client there is barely 1% of seeders and the leechers count will probably reach 30k before the end of the day

      Scene release will be smaller
      and by the time i finish downloading the Scene version , a proper crack will be released

      have been waiting for month a few more days will not kill me

    25. Anonymous /


    26. Johann /

      does anyone know who will crazk it n when ?

    27. no NZB because this isnt a scene realease?

      would love to download it off usenet without waiting 2 weeks while the torrent runs

    28. if someone would plz upload this to usenet… would be grateful

    29. why is the game not uploaded @RS|MU|NL|FL|UPLOADED.TO???

    30. Critical /

      because its not a scene release Polak

    31. tw.itter /

      well ive downloaded this earlier, and i have cracked it myself, im gonna play it now suckers!

    32. too

    33. 7SeVeN7 /

      hey all you complaining fucktards

      the game is out there now, i would imagine there is groups working on reverse engineering this for a crack and/or keygen and shrinking the of the game,HAVE A LITTLE PATIENCE!!!

      and you know RELOADED will be the first cause


    34. WOW. We’ve hit over 13GB now? So, is it dual-sized + dual-layer DVD? or did they put it on Bluray?

    35. Ok, what we need i’ts the DLL… I read RZR it’s back in town with this game.

    36. Critical /

      E71 i think its 2 DL

    37. It does excist just one version!
      And its only Multilanguage!

    38. soulseeker /


      Thumbs up!! :-) Nice one!

      Ok, well… I will wait a little bit and hope for a scene release, maybe with languages removed to scrap of atleast a GB or more off the size. But well, glad its finaly there!!
      But I wont bitch about it.. because I rather have a well ported game that a lousy quick job that still smells of 360 like hell.

      Anyway, good news, but I’ll wait

    39. please rs links


    41. are the rs links above fake or real?

    42. RuMMaN /

      KADLI why the size is 8.** gb??

      DVD1.iso is 7.03gb.

    43. Critical /


    44. @Gu3st: i#m not talking about the crack. i wanna know whether the links from kadli are real

    45. Annyn1 /

      fake! There is just one iso file inside, with just 8,7GB!

    46. Batman Himself /

      But this isn’t a scene release! Is it??

    47. Aledb12 /

      Los links de rapidshare que posteo the user KADLI is a porno y contiene virus

    48. NicoBellic /

      that’s so annoying, so many peoples are readey and already have gta iv pc, but nobody upload it on rs

    49. Anonymous /

      no, the annoying thing is that people post fake shit! oh and the jokes are so lame Andrzej u ugly polish streetwhore.

    50. Niño /


      Virus inside.

      The real crack was released by RAZOR1911

    51. @ Gu3st

      You could also turn off the comments on this post, so people won’t post fake cracks ;)

      This way you can prevent people from downloading the fake cracks.

      Looking forward to this game! Might even buy it for real. :D

    52. Anonymous /

      So, where are the RS links ??

    53. Critical /

      all fake dont bother probably trojan virus

    54. Yeah, there isnt any crack yet :S

    55. Paul.dll /

      yeah and you have to wait until the relase date

    56. Der Gee /

      Where are the RS links ? We need it on rapidshare…

    57. Anonymous /

      torrent is crap, I want RS links NOW

    58. chek your computer data in 04/11/2008 !!!

    59. Paul.dll /

      you must wait… at this time only a few have the copy of this game.

      i think a rs mirror will be uploaded at 8 PM EST… (so 02:00 AM in the good old Europe)

    60. Anonymous /

      what computer data in 4/11/2008 means ??

    61. get your computer data in data release game GTA IV and you can activited GTA IV!!! mayby

    62. Anonymous /

      In 4th of november ? are you sure ? lol

      You mean 2nd or 3rd of december… this trick doesn’t work… and I don’t have the game.

    63. Mr. Rockstar /

      RS LINKS
      NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. Paul.dll /

      haha november…. he is just a taco bender

    65. sorry))) ofcourse december 04/12/2008 )))

    66. Anonymous /

      No need to click to know that’s crap…

    67. Anonymous /

      kadlic, isnt it fake? me to tak prijde

    68. Anonymous /

      It’s phishing or something…

    69. Annyn2 /

      These RS links are fake!

    70. There’s only 1st DVD :( I’m downloading it, I’ll have it soon…

    71. Anonymous /

      Links are dead anyway

    72. Anonymous /

      Well, second row are ok but I think it’s fake

    73. Aranel /

      Arent dead, Links in first post are dead but see Sharpedo’s post, they look like working. (But still its probably fake)

    74. diODPIJR /

      i don’t blame SR for posting this. it’s the most sought after game for PC right now. do you really think they’d just let the first release go by the wayside?

    75. Thanks. Multi Languages. Yesss !!! :)

      Crack ? Where ? In the iso ? ^^

    76. The above is Its Red Alert 3, avoid it.

    77. Anonymous /

      6.6GB ????? lol let me laugh at you…
      It’s impossible. Torrent is 14 Gb…

    78. noobishnub /

      reloaded release out ,cant find nontorrent links ,tho :-/

    79. Anonymous /

      No. There’s isn’t any crack yet.

    80. Aranel /

      is this rld-gta4.iso links fake or not? How can It be 6.6gigs?

    81. Cmon, why do you have to give fake links?
      Give us some real Rapidshare links.

    82. someone upload it to rapidshare ive been downloading for 6 hours and only have 20%

    83. memyself /

      and, btw, where are the rs links for the hole game (13.8GB) ? That would be nice !

    84. Don’t download “Razor1911″‘s exe hes a phony.


    86. Razor1911, i’m new here… So if that’s reali you then god blease you, if you are fake Razor than die! :-)
      Sorry for bad english.

    87. Aranel /


      If it’s too good to be true, its probably not :=)

    88. Der Gee /

      Please Upload on Rapidshare, please :-D


    90. memyself /


      – there is NO working crack (only links, no confirmations)
      – there are NO RS links for the game (13.8)
      – there IS an torrent for the game, which is slow like hell

    91. Razor1911(Real) /

      I (And the team) cant get the our hands on the game yet but we will tomorrow by midnight And i dont know if the other fake Razor1911 link is real but its not released by us…

      Note: It will take seconds to crack the game since its very simple and its like all other games we have cracked but we need the game to crack it….

      Thank you for your time reading

      Razor1911 Team

    92. Razor1911(Realer than the other) /


    93. Razor1911(So Real you cant be realer ) /

      comon razors lets go and partaj!

    94. Razor1911(Realerer than the other) /

      who u be

    95. Razor1911(RealerererER than the other) /


    96. nos4a2 /

      by tomorrow at mignight. do they mean 12.00 AM Dec 3rd???

    97. memyself /

      stop it spamkid

    98. Razor1911(The most Real) /

      We are not cracking this game..

    99. Razor1911(Realistest than the other) /

      Stop this madness.

    100. :D

    101. Razor1911 /

      I wouldnt even post on this site….

    102. Razor1911(Realer than the most Real if you could be..... ) /

      Just a quick note

      Note: dont read comment they cause brain damaging..

    103. Chuck Norris /

      I dont need a crack.

    104. just buy the damn game. Problem solved.

    105. yo mama’s on crack rocks

    106. Somedude /

      so December 3rd huh? Is that true. Who will crack it, Razor or Reloaded? Or maybe Vitality? Nope Obama will crack it :D

    107. The(Real)SlimShady /

      I guess Darkc0der will crack it since he cracked spore too and it has the same protection

    108. Cracks we can believe in..

    109. Somedude /

      Im sorry, i made a mistake. Chuck Norris will also crack it? HE knows stuff .

    110. The(Real)SlimShady /

      Before we worry about the crack lets worry about the rapidshare links first!

    111. WHERES THE RS LINKS?!?!?!!?

    112. kohlraahbi /

      chuck Norris doesnt need a crack. He plays GTA IV in RL.

    113. Mr. Rockstar /

      its irony
      normaly we wait the 2 day for the crack now we have a crack
      but no game

    114. The(Real)SlimShady /

      NEED Rs LINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    115. Somedude /

      I would like to see Chuck and Niko together in new GTA expansion

    116. Anonymous /

      we have nothing, no game, no crack, thats how it works today, lol

    117. memyself /

      yea we got nothing …wondering why we still check on new comments every 5 minutes

    118. kohlraahbi /

      Well, I dont think, theres a PC powerful enoigh to run a game featuriing Chuck Norris’ fist. And If there was, I doubt anyone would ever survive playing that game.

    119. hallo ppl /

      any1 yet uploaded this game in ?

    120. Usenet?

    121. Anonymous /

      i think this torrent is fake. only 66 seeders from this morning?

    122. anyone downloaded the rapidshare files?

    123. first! oh shit…..

    124. Anonymous /

      Still no RS links…

    125. The(Real)SlimShady /

      No the torrent isn’t fake and those Rapidshare links are fake we need real ones!

    126. Anonymous /

      if its no fake, why nobody can download it?

    127. Somedude /

      And just think, the PC that would run the a game with Chuck Norris, it must have a 70″ Oled screen

    128. RS links are fake… I downloaded it :X I don’t mind it.. Thousands of people are downloading it from torrent and no-one hasn’t got it on HDD and can’t upload it on RS ?? I wait for tommorow…

    129. Anonymous /

      holub: no, because its fake

    130. Pitbull /

      WTF is this? Someone tell me it’s FAKE or not?

    131. The(Real)SlimShady /

      NO ITS NOT FAKE shut the hell up..

    132. The(Real)SlimShady /

      The torrent just sucks ass thats why no1 is done yet.

    133. Anonymous /

      how you know it,its not a fake? nobody downloaded it, because its rockstar release!

    134. People uploading fakes are real low lifes, bet they are ugly and never fucked a girl, poor souls…

    135. Anonymous /

      Someone in a french forum has tested it with a crack and said that’s working fine.

      I don’t know what to think about it, and I wait for other pics to confirm…

    136. Anonymous /


      on tpb there are links to the real gta IV BUT the game is UNCRACKED

      theres rumors outside that theres a crack from razor1911 but noone can tell or upload the game beacause nearly noone is finished with the download

    137. hey fucking asshole its not a fake but just the shit copy with no crack
      so wait for an official release for an official scene group and stfu with your RS FAKE LINKS and your fucking FAKE CRACKS with trojan
      be patient and please admins delete this SHIT POST !

    138. Pitbull /

      So someone can upload a screenshot, what is on DVD?

    139. Anonymous /

      no, bacause nobody have it


      its can be a simply pics or a xbox with a computer screen !
      dont find a crack wait a real release guys
      dont waste your time with that shit !

    141. Somedude /

      What about Chuck Norris, is there any real crack for him :D?

    142. Chuck Norris dont need a crack he have a special copy from rockstar

    143. insider /

      the whole scene got busted today

    144. nodoubt /

      1. from beginning this torrent have 60 seeders
      2. nobody downloaded it yet
      3. there is no crack for it
      4. lot of screens from “REALNOFAKEPS3” playin
      5. lol, kids

    145. You really think Reloaded give the crack before the release game ? stupid guys :D

    146. nodoubt /

      let me guess….some russian porn?

    147. what a dick

    148. nice link dumbass :D

    149. stop posting fake links you fucked up piece of russian shit.

      ruskis dat way ->>>>>>

    150. master /

      Please up the real links!! And not the copys ;-)

    151. game not fake but cracks are fake . im dl it right now /

      this is real

    152. fake or not
      its not an official group release and its russian
      so 2 good reason to dont download this shit ! :D

    153. whatever dont try it if u dont believe it ,and Im not russian btw

    154. Anonymous /

      ooooh, USA rulezz again!

    155. this game didnt come from russia /

      it came from denmark somewhere

    156. and Im sorry to dissapoint you but im not american either lol

    157. dont say the torrent one but the dumbass RS links posted before

    158. Anonymous /

      Stop this racism.
      Russians are not bad people. Their government is bad, not people.

    159. this topic is too funny lmao


    161. newbie /

      hi guys, so what is new in this “waiting for” story? any news?

    162. newbie /

      everybody of us have a bad government!



      HAVE FUN


    165. Chernobyl /

      WTF man seriously…..radioactive people walkin around cuttin people with
      pocketknifes and drinking aftershave….WTF lmao

    166. Ashlynn /

      Has somebody download it completely?

    167. Mr. Rockstar /

      Euch amerikaner kann man alle den gulli runter spüllen
      EUROPE FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!

    168. opopop /

      ryker where you see that ?

    169. RadX guru /

      2 chernovyl: FYI STALKER is not real.

    170. Anonymous /

      I want RS link with an ISO !!!!

      Stop that fucking .can shit and other crap !!!

    171. The(Real)SlimShady /

      spurguman look at the size..

    172. Anonymous /

      I want a Ferrari with right steering wheel !!!

      But I can’t if I’m just yelling.

    173. RadX guru /

      Am I real or fake?

    174. PRECiSi0N /

      wheres the nzb release file…

    175. only the torrent of an uncracked iso is real everything else is fake

    176. FAKE F**KER /

      GTA links (they are the only files in this topic) are not working.
      We want torrent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    177. Anonymous /

      Erez, I really can’t understand why you post Red Alert 3 links here.

    178. Anonymous /

      FAKE F**KER, there is a torrent already…

    179. ExtraZuur /

      I will wait for the ISO + Crack from SCENEGROUPS.
      Because I dont trust this pre-release piece of shit!
      Stop spamming/spreading virus…..


    180. FAKE F**KER /

      I know there is a torrent already but I’m downloading 40k ………..

    181. Skullptura-Gizmolio /

      The .iso is real, i working with crack now.
      You can download this, this is not fake just wait for crack from me, it might take couple days though …
      Proof that .iso working:

    182. opopop /

      yeah skullptura show us the xbox too lol

    183. opopop /

      yeah the first ass :D

    184. memyself /

      lol ……die !

    185. Der Gee /

      the link is death..

    186. The(Real)SlimShady /

      Yea sure -.- dumbass go die

    187. SoulReaver /

      Skulptura isnt a cracker n00b!, hes making RIPS, this screen is photoshoped lol, look at the edges of the screen, get a life.

    188. Der Gee /

      but its only part 1-5 !!!?

    189. The(Real)SlimShady /

      But those are only 5 links so FAKEE!

    190. GTA IV downloader /

      i dont now…

      is still downloadning now..

      maybee there are some other packages..

      wait.. i will send a feedback

      sry for my bad english.. iam from siss

    191. opopop /

      wait the guys its upload it
      but no crack yet its just the clone

    192. BoomTown - RAWR /




      IF YOU ALREADY DID, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool BOOM

    193. PLEASE !!!!!!!! /


    194. crashes down

      maybe all got panic

      and rushed the site down… nice job fools

    195. GTA IV downloader /


      2. USE NEED FOR SPEED UNDERCOVER PAUL.DLL for play !(i read somewhere it works but i cant belive it !)
      3. otherwise, wait for scene-crack


    196. That torrent have only 1~2 real seeders.

      average 80~100 kb\s from starts upload

    197. opopop /

      anonymous stop say shit
      useless com

    198. NubKillza /

      1) Turn off your computer
      2) Put on a coat
      3) Go outside
      4) Break into someone’s car
      5) Drive off

      Congratulations. You just started GTA IV!

    199. Razor1911 /


      *points at you*


    200. John McCock /

      How to win real crack for the gta 4: this
      2.smash your monitor on your family member head 911
      4.tell them that you just killed your slut wife
      5.when they come to your house kill by hammer all od them will be wanted
      7.make sure you have wanted level four stars ****
      8.make a screenshot
      9.send it here:
      10.wait for the the reward

    201. Anonymous /

      We don’t want torrent (torrent is gay) we want direct links !!!! RS !!!!

    202. opopop /

      only shit copy
      so i wait official scene release
      end of topic for me !

    203. anti-anonymous /

      @ Anonymous December 1st, 2008 at 12:50 pm

      I think the name of this site is SCENERELEASES, not p2p or fake releases

      Did you not remeber how to read a freaking banner? It says “Your source for hot scene and P2P releases.” Get it… they cover p2p as well. Get a brain and USE it!

    204. it is P2P you idiot, its not an offical scene release,

      they put it on here as its a game thats in demand,

      thats why thee is a lack of a groupname and a crack etc. and also no NFO


    205. Johann /

      paint was open cuz i pasted the first picture on it
      to save it as jpg
      u can see paint is open in the second pic not in the first one

    206. Johann /

      by the way johann lynx is not my real name :P

    207. Summer STOP FAKE bastard RELOADED don’t release the game

    208. MR.Cracker /

      hey guys found it hope it helps :)

    209. FAKE F**KER /

      did anyone find Quantum of Solace DVDrip ? :D

    210. gta4ever /

      hey real thanks

    211. opopop /

      hey G41gh0rn
      ta reussi a le crack
      a mon avi cest un fake ca marchera pas !

    212. xhchx

    213. G41gh0rn /

      on verras bien :) si ça marche avec le offline activation du dvd original, ça devrait marcher avec un backup ^^

    214. Rejiek /

      Vous avez des seeds amis fr ? :p

    215. opopop /

      aparament une release officiel devrai arriver dans quelque minute
      jespere que c vrai ! :)

    216. G41gh0rn /

      @ opopop

      Cool :) m’enfin bon vu que je suis pratiquement à la fin de mon d/l et que j’ai un crack qui est censé fonctionner, je vais pas me retapper 13 Go :)

      Au fait les gars, faites gaffe avec les cracks pourris qui circulent (genre celui qui MALA viens de poster), j’ai un pote qui est en train de galerer là, et ça sent le formatage pour lui… ce serait dommage si près de la fin du download ^^

    217. opopop /

      tien nous au courant G41gh0rn !

    218. stfu francefags

    219. FAKE F**KER /

      FRENCH GUYS PARLE ANGLAIS SVP. PASQUE JE COMPRAND PAS FRANCAIS we want to understand you though………..

    220. opopop /

      i say an official release come soon so wait !
      and G41gh0rn say he dont want re-dl 13go and take care with all those fake crack

    221. Mohican /

      Where is Links !!! DVD2 _?

    222. G41gh0rn /

      If it’s asked politely, why not…

      I said i succesfully passed through the activation process using the offline activation and the paul.dll from GTA.IV.FDRM.TEST.Crack.Only-SHELOMOTUVI (google is your friend, since the link i posted before has been deleted).

      But i personnaly don’t think a succesfull activation is enough for playing the game, it need a cracked .exe to pass the DVD check. It’s my personal opinion, through.

      If it can help you all…

    223. Mohican /

      DVD 2 !!!!!

    224. Anonymous /

      Everybody talking about cracking the game and playing is talking bullshit ofcourse, wanna tell me im wrong? Post a screen fake bitches.

      Thought so

    225. Mohican /

      Hélpp 2. DVD :(:(

    226. G41gh0rn, on compte sur toi pour d’éventuels infos ! J’suis en présence (sur irc) de modérateurs de tpb qui laissent le lien “ouvert” jusqu’à ce qu’ils aient tester l’installation et surtout le fameux dvd2 qu’on ne peut voir qu’après téléchargement.

    227. G41gh0rn /

      December 2nd, 2008 at 12:02 am

      Everybody talking about cracking the game and playing is talking bullshit ofcourse, wanna tell me im wrong? Post a screen fake bitches.

      Thought so

      Here it is, dear Anonymous…

    228. Mohican /

      Pleasé 2. DVD :(:(:(:(

    229. G41gh0rn /


      Comptez pas trop sur moi, je vais me pieuter là, je suis claqué et je me lève à 9h du mat..

      for english readers :

      Don’t count too much on me, i go to bed right now, i’m tired and i must be awake at 9:00 am GMT+1

    230. Mohican /

      2.DVD LİNKS pLEasééééé :(:(:(:(

    231. opopop /

      nobody have the DVD 2 links

    232. Mohican /

      DVD 2 links When does it comé?

    233. opopop /

      when an official release with crack come from Reloaded or Razor1911 team

    234. Anonymous /

      G41gh0rn What does that prove lmaooo

      its nothing, run the game and then make a screen oops you cant can you so youre just as far as the rest who have the download and cant play shithead

    235. Rockstar /

      i gonna hunt you down, you cant escape…

    236. Those links are all dead,

      It’s been old news for a few days..

      Good try though ;)

    237. Oh and i’ve been seeing people saying who’ve downloaded those links, that its a big fake.

    238. opopop /

      its fake RS link
      GTA 4 PC is 2 DVD and 13GB
      this is 9GB so fake
      i think its Red alert or something like this

    239. memyself /

      polish linksare broken too . error during install !! i just tested !

    240. FAKE F**KER /

      G41gh0rn, how did you download this game ? with torrent? if it is yes, Im doing right thing. because Im downloading torrent version???????

    241. Anonymous /


    242. FAKE F**KER /

      disregard that…i suck cocks

    243. my bad for the fake links. DIdnt know that they were crap. Oh well, the game is out in European stores today. Might get it today…Or wait couple days for a proper scene release.

    244. ''FAKE F**KER'' F**KER /


    245. Mohican /

      DVD 2 ?

    246. ''FAKE F**KER'' F**KER /

      My torrent is purple lol

    247. HOWS THIS /


    248. jaka jaka joo /

      Has the newest Securom protection – no crack – no use

    249. hey guys, download the torrent from isohunt, it is the real copy, it has 13 gb,i have allready downloaded 60% of it and also tried DVD 1 with Deamon tools and it started the autorun, and after that just wait for a good crack…

    250. Anonymous /

      Disk2 fake ???? who his(its) has opened?

    251. Securom DRM ,Slave Bitches

    252. RELOADED /

      sup razor1911?

    253. bertie01843, it means disc 2 will be uploaded shortly.

    254. bertie01843 /

      Ok thanks very much :) nearly got all of cd 1 so will let you all know if its official or not

    255. bertie01843 /


    256. billy smith /

      My daddy said you peple shont say badd words.
      u stuopid fux

    257. bertie01843 /

      Mhm o_O files left to go then ill let you guys know A.S.A.P

    258. bertie018433 /

      20* whoops

    259. Here a crack:

    260. Kubeja /

      Hi ! I need GTA IV DVD2.iso to Rapidshare pls.

    261. GTA IV PC uses SecuROM for protecting our EXE until street date has passed, to ensure the retail disk is in the computer drive, and is used for Product Activation of the title. Product Activation is a one time only online authentication when installing the game

      Aside from the fact that warez are a great place to pick up a Trojan or key logger, using a cracked copy of GTA IV PC will result in varying changes to the game experience. These can range from comical to game-progress-halting changes.

      it sounds a bit like the company is leaking bugged versions of the game on file-sharing sites. That may even keep freetards from getting their paws on a stolen digital copy for one — maybe two days tops by our estimate.


    262. mihail /

      where are links ?????? danm you…

    263. yes where are links ??????

    264. Bravo Joker, ebi im majkata

    265. mihail /

      I don’t care dvd1, give me dvd2!!!!!

    266. bertie018433 /

      Disk one is downloaded just unraring now :) File size for disk one is a total of 7.40 gb in the rar folders

    267. mihail /

      bertie, please share your info with us …….

    268. bertie01843 /

      What info would that be the nfo file inside ?

    269. bertie018433 /

      gimme 5 more mins to extract then ill mount it up and let you know if the autorun ect is official and if this was a waste of time or not :)

    270. mihail /

      EXACTLY, that’s what I’m talking about !

    271. Anonymous /

      Looks good, I’m Downloading…

    272. Mohican /

      DVD 2 !!! :@

    273. Anonymous /

      bertie018433, then ? what about this 1st DVD ??

    274. mihail /

      fake ?! geeeeezzzzzzz

    275. Florin /

      all fukin realeases are fake, you waste time downloading the full working game will only be released by RELOADED so stop wasting bandwith and time with this FAKE releases

    276. Anonymous /

      bertie01843, that’s another fake… shiiiiiit :(

    277. If This Is Fake We Have All Been EPICLY OWNED!.

    278. Anonymous /

      RS links are fake…

      I want real ISO !!! in RS !!!

    279. Kubeja /


    280. bertie01843 /

      right im not saying this is fake and im not saying this is real but it might just be a problem with my pc mounting and installing this ive never had this kind of error before ive been googling and a few people have had the same problem with other programmes / games so its up to you if you try

    281. bertie018433 /

      yeh its fake :/ lol just wasted 7gb of my monthly usage oO readme files are empty if u try to open the data files they are corrupt or dmged ect

      total balls :/

    282. anchus /

      DVD2- Mega Fake!!!!!

    283. anchus /

      I am a talon shall kill is SOLVED, send me in prison of the cigarette

    284. bertie01843 /

      lol wth ?

    285. I Mounted Disk 1 Already And It Looks Like The Real Files, Can`t Mount Disk 2 Yet, In Disk 1 I Only See 4 Languages > French, German, Italian, Spanish, NO! English So Far But Its Not Finished Downloading.

    286. bertie01843 /

      I think the one you have downloaded is everything but english ;/ maybe somewhere along the line u can get a language converter for it or sumin :/ spose ill just go out and buy it seeing as torrents are blocked with my isp ^_^

    287. anchus /

      I kill seed starter /!!!! I his knife in throat ,for this

    288. Anonymous /

      there are all langages. A version with no english is not possible.

      Us versioncontain english (obviously)
      Europe version contain english (obviously, for Great Britain…)

      So stay cool and wait. ;)

    289. bertie01843 /

      i just want this game working any bloody language lol on a rapidshare taht i aint gonna waste 7 gb of my monthly allowance on to find out its fake :/

    290. anchus /

      in american version no blood ,this political correctness – Candolaza Rays ……

    291. Anonymous /

      I know some people who bought it can play now… damn…

    292. mihail /


      I know some people who bought it can play now… damn…

      who are they ?!! let’S steal……

    293. Mohican /

      DVD 2 ? !! :@

    294. Kubeja /

      DVD 2 !!

    295. Mohican /

      wheré is DVD 2_? Whén downlaod DVD 2?

    296. bertie.. i guess tat u tried installin da game on vista OS without SP1

      official website says OS requirement as xp-sp3/vista-sp1

    297. mihail /

      WOOOOOWWWWWW LOOOK AT THIIISS DVVD 2 !!!!!!! please, where are links?

    298. bertie01843 /

      Nah chiru i got sp1 :/ think its just a shitty upload coz i read on another website about alot of people having same problem think its just a guy pulling our legs ¬_¬

    299. Anonymous /

      I know that you need a PC from NASA to play in maximum details and all features on high…

    300. schpinn /

      Death260: I really don’t know what “lieing” means, maybe you tried to say “lying”, you should learn to speak english..

    301. lol bertie but wat was all tat stuff with all those photo proofs? i wonder why tat fellow dint upload dvd2 yet.

    302. bertie018433 /

      ignore the link i just posted thats fake 2 just read about it after i started getting it lol

      i dunno those pics could be from anywhere also if you look at the pics you will see it doesnt actualy show any other files than 2 txt files so

    303. mihail /

      it says second dvd is uploading. they took first dvd links from here…. and we don’t that who is uploading second one ?????

    304. bertie018433 /

      @ anchus

      yeh i know its a 2 disk but the setup would still atleast launch all the one further up does is mounts installs some community crap from rockstar then fails to open the actualy gta IV setup i tryed to look at the data files and says corrupt

    305. anchus /

      realy so it is difficult to do the findings?thought-out P&R

    306. Anchus, these are swedisch versions

    307. this torrent ..please disk2 upload rapidshare…

    308. sandro /

      thnx for the link bro $6.thats coool

    309. LOL -,-

    310. sandro /

      yeah $6 !!!!! –==D thnx

    311. Aranel /

      Hey bertie018433, is your OS WinXP Service Pack 2? Its your problem, you need SP3 for get this game work, try to upgrade and retry again.

    312. Aranel /

      [EDIT] Or WinVista SP1 of course.

    313. netraz /

      COOOOOOOOOOOOOllll i got $6 .thnx man

    314. bertie018433 /


      Im on vista service pack 1 have you got it working ?

    315. Aranel /

      Sorry, but it seems it only works with winxp sp3, i didnt try but lots of guys complained about this error in TPB, and they said dvd1 works perfectly with only sp3.

    316. bertie018433 /

      =\ great
      the odd part is the one i downloaded through RS the uploader hasnt put up disk 2 yet or backed up his reason for it not working so kinda rings alarm bells to me

    317. Aranel /

      Yeah i know, maybe just waiting for a scene release is better way. But you can try it with sp3, i guess it’ll work.

    318. bertie018433 /

      yeh :P sad part is i deleted it already heh and i dont got that much of a download bandwith :P ill just wait for a scene release or maybe skullptra or just buy it

    319. Aranel /

      :P So, lets wait for December 3(tomorrow, 12 hours left in my country)

    320. bertie018433 /

      I am stupid evry bodi lov som bodi :P

    321. bertie018433 /

      lol wtf why is someone using my name o_O

    322. bertie018433 /

      aranel add me on msn if u go it :P my addy is :)

    323. this is Zitat :) what is Crack PW ?

    324. bertie018433 /

      i aint got a clue waht the pw is sorry acording to the website there shouldnt be one :/

    325. bertie018433 /

      but there are two

    326. bertie01843 /

      -.- fine

    327. bertie01843 /

      gotta hate websites that dont require a login eh :/

    328. berie018433 /

      i need a brain because i am mental

    329. bertie01843 /

      lol what a fag…

    330. bertie018433 /


    331. avete rotto r’cazzo mongoloidi

    332. avete romo di italiano la panceroti

    333. bertie01843 /


    334. bertie01843 /

      Aranel your not online :P unless it was a fake email u gave me if so nvm :P just thought might be easyer to share a working gta if either of us find one

    335. bertie you are f**cking shit

    336. bertie01843 /

      why am i shit ?

    337. pw is for crack senseman

    338. stupid,le*bian,g*y evrithing

    339. bertie01843 /


      If your calling me fkin shit bcoz of any of the links ive posted dont even think bout it ive wasted over 20 gb of my monthly limit which is 40gb to find out if it is working for people who are here so think before you call people stuff

    340. So its working?

    341. bertie01843 /

      no its not working i said that above someone has uploaded a bogus rapidshare set of links that look real as hell but the data files inside are corrupt and buggy as hell :/

    342. ok Iam sorry.Can you forgive me

    343. bertie01843 /

      lol yeh i understand your point =D i stayed up all night and havent been to bed yet to download that and test it and was major let down to find out it was fake :( but then i spose thats the risk you take for wanting to try something before buying it =D

    344. game by now

    345. bertie01843 /

      This product is only available for purchase in the United States, and Canada.


    346. bertie01843 /

      till tomorrow for the eu im just hopin someone buys it from d2d and uploads it maybe but we should be so lucky

    347. can anyone tell me if there is any real GTA 4 for pc? or all are fakes?

    348. bertie01843 /

      if think this one we are posting on is working but from what ive read you need to be on xp sp3 it doesnt work on vista sp1 aparently i dunno :/ /gives up

    349. THERE ALL FAKE DUMMY!!!!!!

    350. bertie01843 /
    351. mihail /


    352. bertie01843 /

      lol :P

    353. mihail /


    354. Can i somehau ubdate mine Win XP sp2 to sp3 widaut reinstaling windows?

    355. mihail /

      VKS, who said ”you will reinstall” if you’re using real one, go to, then find servise pack 3, it may take a little time (about 1 hour) ………

    356. AliFares /

      can any one upload it on links?????????? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    357. Skullptura /

      Razor1911 you sucks you son of a bitch, I will crack it first !

    358. Reloaded /

      whatz up bicthez ?????????

    359. (The real) Skullptura /

      Stop it or i will check your ip and send you a virus whitch will destroy your computer, you know me i’m a hacker genius !

    360. Reloaded (fake) /

      sorry man :(

    361. Dudes are you for real?no skultpura and no reloaded are talking to ya atm..these guys dont show up like that..and i wish they dont sound as dumm as you did..

    362. bertie01843 /

      epic cookie lol

    363. Igra super!!!!!!!!!!!

    364. ViTALiTY /

      I Am Going To Crack This SH1T First So Get Lost Skullptura And Rebloated

    365. mihail, i did not pay for mine windows… But i want to play the game, and i need
      Service Pack 3 , but i do not wand to reinstal the windows… Will it work on Service Pack 2? People frome said that it will.
      Lucing at youre nik name i can say that you are rusian. If it’s so, you can answer in rusian to me. I’m rusian mine self, and i will beter anderstand you.

    366. Sanek, blatj… Esli bi ee e6e ska4atj s buxti pendosi dali bi!

    367. Aranel (The REAL One) /

      I’m at school now, I’ll add you soon :)

    368. ViTALiTY i do not belive that you are the real one… But if you will crack it, you are the man!

    369. bertie01843 /


      Ok lol thought something was fishy about the other email ^_^

    370. mihail /

      sorry dude, I’m not. But I heard, you should crack your xp, than ınstall service pack 3, because after 3rd pack, your PC will be open viruses, I tried, ınstalled it without a crack, 2 months later my PC was dead…..

    371. ViTALiTY /

      Just Joking I Could`nt Crack An Egg

    372. mihail, can you help me by saind where to download service pack 3, i did not find it, and where can i download crack.

    373. this is funny

    374. I Am Ripping Dis Sh1t So Much, When I Have Finished I Will Upload A Empty Folder

    375. mihail, ok. I will download it, but wirst i will call ome person, who instalt windows to me… Maybe it’s license… If not, i will as youre help, ok? But it will be not sun, a bit later. Naw i have tu go to Jym.

    376. Deviance Team Member /

      There is no 100% working crack right now people… Work In Progress…

      Deviance Team Member
      Alex Theofanous

    377. mihail /


      mihail, ok. I will download it, but wirst i will call ome person, who instalt windows to me… Maybe it’s license… If not, i will as youre help, ok? But it will be not sun, a bit later. Naw i have tu go to Jym

      OK. If you’re in Russia we got a lof of time zone differance :D

    378. mihail /

      Deviance Team Member

      There is no 100% working crack right now people… Work In Progress…

      Deviance Team Member
      Alex Theofanous

      If you are real, can you tell us, how do we use your crack; I mean we don’t have the game :(

    379. Mihail, i’m in latvia. It’s russian time -1h. If you can. Can you write here an instrukcija, and for save save it on youre hard drive in txt format. (example:Notepag , World)

    380. Deviance Team Member /

      You Put It In The Install Directory FOOOL

      Deviance Team Member

      Alex Thefannymouse

    381. Deviance Team Member /

      Our Crack will be released tomorrow most probably and will be a simple Fixed .EXE file to replace the original! patience please!

      Deviance Team Member
      Alex Theofanous

    382. Mr. Rockstar /

      and the rs release

    383. Deviance Team Member /

      Our Crack will be released tomorrow most probably and will be a simple Virus.EXE file to replace the original! patience please!

      Deviance Team Member
      Alex Thefannymouse

    384. Deviance Team Member /

      People please write: “LOL” as some idiot is really trying to be funny… HAHA mr. funny guy…

      Deviance Team Member
      Alex Theofanous

    385. Mr. Rockstar /

      and the rs release !

    386. Rockstar.Jr. /

      lol :D

      Just buy the game. Or learn to wait :D

    387. Mr. Rockstar /

      i dont want to learn and i dont want to wait
      an i dont want to buy

    388. So which group will be first to release that super mega dope game ??!! :D

      This game will be DA GAME of the year 08 + 09 no doubt

      haaa can hardly wait more!!

    389. I Am Ripping Tetris Just Now, What Is GTA IV.

    390. SUBZERO (The Real One) /

      Stop Trying To Impersonate Me Its Not Tetris Idiot Its Pong

    391. @ Holub That Looks Cool!!

    392. Anonymous /

      Holub, there’re yours ?
      what’s your PC config ??

    393. 2REZ-Yeah !! I hope release will be soon

    394. No, no, that aren’t my screens… The screens are from user from demonoid…

    395. mihail /

      REZ, is it done ?

    396. Anonymous /

      Holub, you have a link ?
      Or infos about configuration of that user ?

      These screens look very good…

    397. 89.6% Done

    398. … RS?! its suck… i’ve seed over 250 gb… 89,6 % finished…


    399. LuigiBlood /

      52.0% done for me, dl at 200 kb/s.

    400. Yes The Speed Is Going Up And Down Like Crazy

    401. LuigiBlood /

      It’s better than having not any speed at all.

    402. I don’t know nothing more about the user, what uploaded the screens…

    403. Rockstar: Initial activation requires internet connection; Online play requires log-in to Games for Windows – LIVE and Rockstar Games Social Club (13+ to register); retail version requires disc in drive to play (unlimited installations for retail discs in most countries); software installations required including Sony DADC SecuROM, Adobe Flash, DirectX, and Microsoft’s .NET Framework, Games for Windows – LIVE, and Internet Explorer.

      Rockstar: OS: Windows Vista – Service Pack 1 / XP – Service Pack 3
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athalon X2 64 2.4Ghz
      Memory: 1.5GB, 16GB Free Hard Drive Space
      Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900


    404. [KiNidoz- /

      Don’t be idiot there’s no team members who’s speakin to you there.

      Juste wait the release and see who’ll be the 1st.


    405. Waiting GTA4 /

      The GTA games, are the only ones that I have ever bought
      but for someone, realize a crack is a mission!!

      So if is possible to have without pay, well, if not.. AMEN

    406. ОМОН /

      вы все чучелки не руссие ЖВ

    407. anonymous /


    408. Waiting GTA4 /

      вы все чучелки не руссие ЖВ
      Yes… sure… is quite clear…

      lol -.-

    409. Anonymous /

      Дорова, ёпта!

    410. Mr. Rockstar /


    411. Bass_BoxXx /

      Russaki Pomagite mne Po icq 432742228 ? ?? ?

    412. Waiting GTA4 /

      upload with MEGAUPLOAD no?

      MU is better than RS, the files weren’t delete so early…

    413. can someone give me the rs files pls?

    414. Hellvamp /

      Hi folks, i know that RZR and all other famous groups hate p2p sites, but at piratebay I released GTA IV PC edition FIRST EVER REAL 13gig and 2 DVDs

      Now we are waiting for crack, and does anyone have the release date for crack? please contact me through here

    415. Handy Manny /

      Take another name 4 tha Crack
      example: Holiday.rar

    416. The crackers need more information about the activation, it will be release soon maybe. Secorum security, it’s not only a crack for the executable… I wish it’ll come fast. Hellvamp, I’m downloading your torrent (90%), I wish it’s real :D

    417. Mr. Rockstar /


    418. this is tomb raider crack

    419. Handy Manny /

      Crackfix is FAKE.
      Up the Real plz

    420. yes and for the game on rs 2 you must take another names for the rar files

    421. For cracks, check or or a trusted torrent on tpb.

    422. Handy Manny /

      only Paul.dll??

    423. stop post fakes gays

    424. LuigiBlood /

      Yeah, stop posting fakes.

    425. Handy Manny /

      HELLO IS THERE A REAL CRACK 4 US??????????????????

    426. Handy Manny /


    427. Anonymous /

      what should we do only with a crack ? xDD

      first we need a real release

    428. mihail /


      what should we do only with a crack ? xDD

      first we need a real release

      at least someone understand……….

    429. Der Stecher vorm Herren /

      Is dis not GTA 4? I mean tha 6,6GB version from here

    430. Mr. Rockstar /

      we play the crack until the game release

    431. Der Stecher vorm Herren /

      4 what is it

    432. Mr. Rockstar /

      ich glaub zum aktivieren von gta serial weist

    433. Der Stecher vorm Herren /

      Aber is die 6,6 gig version richtig?? oder n fake???

    434. ---BREAKING NEW--- /

      The version of proves as another FAKE!!!!!

    435. Der Stecher vorm Herren /

      RS pleaze or MU or Uploaded the Crack

    436. HateCamel /

      I don’t get it.
      If there are real .Iso’s available, why not on the usenet ? only gives me the Activation.

    437. Mr. Rockstar /

      kannste vergessen alles fake schau später al auf gamecopyworld
      da hastvlt mehr erfolg

    438. Der Stecher vorm Herren /

      Where can i get the REAL VERSION of GTA??
      Can anybody give a Link?

    439. ye in deutscher

      du hast net zufällig die rs links?^^

    440. Anonymous /

      ist doch noch nichts richtiges releases worden….

    441. Der Stecher vorm Herren /

      ich hab links aber kein plan ob es n Fake is ich zup es mir gerad
      Muss nach unten scrollen da sind die 71 RS links

    442. mihail /

      Der Stecher vorm Herren

      ich hab links aber kein plan ob es n Fake is ich zup es mir gerad
      Muss nach unten scrollen da sind die 71 RS links

      we tried they are fake…

    443. ---BREAKING NEWS--- /

      Hellvamp maybe busted by swedish police !!!!!

    444. Mr. Rockstar /

      uploaded das grad überhaupt jemand
      is someone still uploading

    445. Der Stecher vorm Herren /


    446. Well I Am Getting A Good Speed From Hellvamp GTA IV Torrent, So The swedish police Must Be Helping Him Seed!

    447. @—BREAKING NEWS—

      Yeah. So is the TPB crew, noob.
      Get a life.

    448. Der Stecher vorm Herren /

      i dont use torrent i use RS

    449. Anonymous /

      i think at midnight we can load a real release

    450. Mr. Rockstar /

      wen want RS

    451. I decide to begin download on torrents because are no RS links…

    452. Anonymous /

      dont load -.-

      only fakes

    453. I Am At 93.6% And If This Works I Will Rip And Compress It, Then Reupload It Myself.

    454. Der Stecher vorm Herren /
    455. mihail /

      I Am At 93.6% And If This Works I Will Rip And Compress It, Then Reupload It Myself.

      we are waiting

    456. Mr. Rockstar /

      hey dat sind fake links

    457. Before it won’t scene rls it won’t RS links…

    458. And If You Think I Am Joking Check This Out

      I All Ready Done Far Cry 2 And Ripped Left 4 Dead

    459. Mr. Rockstar /

      die labern das is kein gta

    460. Der Stecher vorm Herren /

      k. THX

    461. Waiting GTA4 /

      now the situation is funny, realy funny…

      We have one million of users that have the crack without the game..


    462. Jungs dat ding is 100 Prozent kein Fake nur….
      die RS Dinger sin alles fakes ;) ^^

    463. Hättet ihr deutsdchen es gelesen, hättet ihr gesehen das die rs links fake sind, allein schon weil das nur 9gb sind und der torrent 13 gb hat…


      in 10 minutes we will release the game!

    465. REZ, if you can crack it, con you upload the crack tu RS o MU ? thanks.

    466. ---BREAKING NEWS--- /

      RELOADED-GROUP will be released this game in 10 minutes!!!!!!

    467. in 10 minutes we will release the game!


    468. Mr. Rockstar /

      i release it in 9 minuts

    469. really?

    470. Mr. Rockstar /

      no it was only a joke i never release it

    471. I release it in 5… :))

    472. mihail /

      Mr. Rockstar
      no it was only a joke i never release it

      are you ……………. :D

    473. Mr. Rockstar /




      we are the real!

    475. The Real Real Reloaded-Group /

      we release it 10 min before midnight


      emm no we are the real guys

    477. George Bush /

      calm down fellas !! I gona release orginal versions for free !!!!!!!!

    478. The Real Real Real Reloaded-Group /

      we release it 20 min before midnight


      lol my sister is testing the crack now and than we release it!

    480. George Bush /

      look obi, you’re not a president carefull, cuuzz I’m gonna smash your head with Texas boots….. yeahhhh

    481. The Very Original Super Fantastic RELOADED-GROUP /

      We will release the game in 3 seconds!! 3…2…1…
      GTA for everybody!!!

    482. In they are now uploading, and it is really true go check it out. In 20mins the upload is complete



      happy leeching

    484. George Bush /

      The Very Original Super Fantastic RELOADED-GROUP

      We will release the game in 3 seconds!! 3…2…1…
      GTA for everybody!!!

      can u make my game, The God send you for me……..ohmmmmmmm

    485. HAHA very funny reloaded…

    486. have only fakes :)

    487. Waiting GTA4 /

      hahaha… lol
      you are crazy…

    488. not funny … not at all

    489. Anonymous /

      lol is one of the best sites

    490. The Super giga mega right fantastic very orginal never senn unreleased not faked Reloaded-Group /

      i will reales ist now
      should i do it now
      i do it right no ok
      in soem seconds
      no now
      right now

    491. lol is one of the best sites

      Yes it is, really true that

    492. right here right now – Fatboyslim

    493. Waiting GTA4 /

      Is there a moderator in here?

    494. anchus /

      seed 100? you where

    495. George Bush /

      Waiting GTA4

      Is there a moderator in here?


      if they are we could finished downloading

    496. ( moderator ) /

      OK STOP DA SH1T You Mo Fo`s

    497. mihail, f@cking sheat!!Man… I did it all, and it writet me “Благодарим за выполнение проверки и использование подлинного программного обеспечения Microsoft!”
      On russian it means somethinck like “Thx you for compliting the test, and using legar Microsoft”… THX you! And naw, where can i get Sp3?

    498. ( moderator ) /


    499. Waiting GTA4 (clinton) /

      Haa so…

      ok. Thx

    500. Mr. Rockstar /

      RS links pls

    501. ( moderator ) /

      hello my name is scenerealeases moderator and i shit bates
      cause i like pedobear

    502. bush su**

    503. Wouter /

      Is ther a NZB file?

    504. ( moderator ) / ( moderator ) Impersonator > BANNED GOODBYE

    505. Obama & clinton 08 /

      RS LINKS

    506. mihail /

      go to there should be a search bar write xp service pack 3 thats all.

    507. ( moderator ) /

      People dont listen to the moderators…

      everybody can set their name as they f%cking want, that the problem in here!!!

    508. Is there alredy working version of GTA 4?

    509. Wouter /

      NZB file?

    510. ( moderator ) / ( moderator ) Impersonator no.2 > BANNED GOODBYE PR1CK

    511. mihail /


      Is there alredy working version of GTA 4?

      60% torrent one is working. I’ve got 2 hours then I will tell……

    512. ( moderator ) /

      i am still here moran

    513. Mihail, i gut 2h antil i download
      Grand Theft Auto IV PC Edition REAL DEAL FOLKS
      from TPB

    514. ( moderator ) /

      Are You Are You Really, Thats What I Want You To Think, YOU HOBBIT FIDDLER.

    515. Waiting GTA4 /

      Here u’ll find the ISO of the SP3..
      Download and mount with Daemon Tool
      Peace love and happiness

    516. mihail /

      if you are using russian xp (about lanquage) you’ll need this:

      it is russian; you’ll know :D

    517. VKS (Ruskij) /
    518. ( moderator ) /

      I think, so I am ;)

      dude, all i want the people to understand that everybody can name himself as they want…

    519. VKS (Ruskij) /

      Mihail, i’m using English XP :) Witch one exactly i need of thise two?
      16.1 MB
      57.5 MB

    520. Nicholas Sarkozy /

      Qouaa ?!

    521. VKS (Ruskij) /

      Waiting GTA4, thx.

    522. ( moderator )No Im Not Ok Yes I am Or Am I /

      How Can EnyOne Name Them Self What They Want No They Can`t

    523. Waiting GTA4 /


      mhm… I love this adjective

    524. Frendly /


    525. mihail /

      VKS you are updating microsoft office xp !!!!!

      you have update xp itself..

      if you are using english xp

      its 500mb

    526. Frendly /

      I’m a reloaded, skiddrow, vitality and razor1911 FAN.

    527. Frendly /

      Where is GTA4?

    528. VKS (Ruskij) /

      mihail, ou. Ok thx you :)

    529. Official GTA IV CRACK At

    530. Chırac /


      I’m a reloaded, skiddrow, vitality and razor1911 FAN.

      really ? I like cpu fans…

    531. Frendly /

      Ok, I need the complete game to put this crack…please

    532. Frendly /

      Ehi Chirac, what do you mean with cpu fans?

    533. VKS (Ruskij) /

      Frendly, witch crack o_O


      Please, be patient. We are uploading GTA 4 RELOADED files. At the midnight, you will download reloaded version.


      Tony Blair

    535. VKS (Ruskij) /

      RELOADED GROUP i do not belive that thise is realy writen by someone frome “RELOADED GROUP” but if it’s so… Pleace aploud also crack, not in the mdf, but aunly crack… Im’m dawnloding game wrome TPB alredy for 2,5 days… And i have left only 4% ~1h-2h.

    536. Waiting GTA4 /

      I haven’t used a torrent before, only RS and MU..
      someone can say me what i have to do?

    537. Frendly /

      Hi Reloaded, It’s an honor to be in the same chat, here.

    538. Frendly /

      I’ll wait your complete GTA4. Thanks

    539. Download Utorrent Click The Link To download The Torrent File And Leave It For A Day


      thnx frendly

    541. Tha Dude /

      u really think he was one of the reloaded group??
      i dont think so

    542. mihail /

      did anyone finished torrent ?

    543. VKS (Ruskij) /

      Is thise one real, can some one try? I did not download the game yet completaly.


      Tha Dude, my name is Tony Blair you think I’m one of the RELOADED member ?!!! Geezzz how old are you ?!

    545. I`m At 98.3% Just Now

    546. someone /

      Does anyone now if the game is going to come out today ???????????????????????????!?!?!??!?!

    547. Frendly /

      why are you called reloaded group?

    548. Frendly /

      REZ….plase post it on rapidshare….plase, you will be the first

    549. BuSHari /

      is there anyone that finished download this??
      maybe someone can upload this to RS
      i will give him a RS account…

    550. mihail /

      Frendly, you came late my friend. They’re using fake names, look at the rest of the topic :D

    551. New-born scene group NAZi working on CRACK /

      Hi peeps our new scene group NAZi recently started cracking the most wanted game in this world: Grand Theft Auto IV! It ‘ll take a while to do this, Rockstar Games messed alot with his new system.. anyways we’ll provide more info soon!

      The NAZi crew salutes you!


      Because We Upload Other peoples Torrents Hence ReUploaded

    553. Frendly /

      Frendly,You can use any nick name hear pal…

    554. VKS (Ruskij) /

      GTA 4 is the logest downloa frome torrents i aver had…

    555. Frendly /

      ok, anyway please be serious and post the complete game

    556. Waiting GTA4 /

      Pretty thx REZ
      Is more simple than I think..

      mhm.. 0.2Kb downloading…

      May be in 2 or 3 years i’ll play it :D

    557. Frendly /

      REZ, our hopes are on your hand

    558. I Have Only Been Downloading 1 Day And 98.9% Done

    559. I Dont Have To Upload It To rapidSh1t For You Do I

    560. Frendly /

      REZ, When you finish downloading it, plase can you post it….RS, MU or other links?

    561. callums_dad /

      Ok im sick to death of people asking to post the real game or the 2nd dvd or anything stupid. Look, lets get one thing straight. there isnt a nzb version and i believe i have only come across one version of gta iv using bittorrent (its on multiple site btw). But for the love of god please stop asking the same bloody question. It will get released in time and if you are downloading it of bt then the chances are your not going to get a great speed. Have patience because its a great virtue.

    562. Frendly /

      Please for all us…it will be the first, before reloaded too

    563. Frendly /

      REZ please

    564. mihail /

      you’re right

    565. callums_dad /

      tell ya what , i have a programme i use that lets me know as soon as gta iv comes out as an nzb (well its usually instant to let me know) i will post the link once i have recieved the link myself

    566. Frendly /

      OK callums_dad, why I must Trust you??? If it is real, please, how much time?

    567. mihail /

      REZ upload dvd2 ı’ll take dvd1 if it is real

    568. Frendly /

      Thanks REZ, real thanks

    569. 97,5

    570. Frendly /

      Reloaded, I’m waiting……

    571. Frendly /

      REZ….Did you have test it?

    572. How Did I Test It, I Am still Downloading It 99.4% Slow Near The End, Not Enough Seeds To Many Leechers

    573. Waiting GTA4 /

      no, he is at 98..%

      How he can test it?

    574. Frendly /

      oh shit

    575. Aneurysm /

      omg scene groups…people will go insane if there will not be a release at midnight today

    576. Frendly /

      Aneurysm, you’re right

    577. mihail /

      Aneurysm, don’t worry there will be no release :P

    578. Waiting GTA4 /

      I think so too !!!

    579. Frendly /

      I’m hungry. Lets eat, see you later

    580. Frendly /

      Statevi buono

    581. callums_dad /

      Why should you trust me? cos i dont give a shit if you dont fella. im just gona put a link on what i find using nzb. So please, by all means dont trust me just wait for someone else that will give you the same link 2 hours later. Cant believe you actually think i do this shit for you mate. i do it for the people who are not like you. people that can wait. impatient bastard

    582. ( moderator ) /

      links are avialable on lazysundays

    583. callums_dad /

      stop asking people to upload it for you. you do realise its like flippin 13 gig. it will take twice as long or 3 times to upload it. go do some googling and get it yourself. im just gona provide the newgroup link when i get one.

    584. (The more real moderator than the other) /

      No release today.

    585. The Don /

      Che branco di polli!!
      Waiting for the day that never comes… Buy the game or die (while waiting)! :)

    586. True I Will Take Just As Long On Rapidsh1t As A Torrent

    587. pitbull /

      2 ( moderator )
      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha XXXXXXXXXXDDDDDD

    588. Frendly /

      callums_dad, how much time we must wait?

    589. pitbull /

      links are avialable on lazysundays

    590. Frendly /

      The Don, sei italiano pure tu?

    591. ( moderator ) Real One No Im Not Ok Yes I am Or Am I /

      I Am The Mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    592. ( moderator ) /

      yeah your moma is mod too…

    593. ( moderator ) /

      Hey I Was The first One You just Coped Me HOBBIT FIDDLER

    594. The Don /

      Ciao Frendly,
      quante stronzate in questo forum, ma è molto divertente!! :

    595. Frendly /

      REZ. How much time, we want know if it works

    596. Frendly /

      Ciao The Don,
      hai ragione, ma quanto ci mettono a postare sto gioco….hahahahha

    597. Adolf Hitla /

      Hey goddamn kids grow up man! admin or not Im the real Fuhrer here! Do not post any fake links or I’ll deport you to work-camps.

      ps: Reloaded just failed crackin the game, good luck Razor1911!


    598. hackermania /

      bello vedere degli italiani che girano per la rete!!

    599. Frendly /

      Quando si tratta di giochi…. eh eh

    600. The Don /

      Questo non è “un” gioco ma “il” gioco! :))
      E sono 2 DVD, in tutto 14GB di goduria multimediale.

    601. Wonder How Hellvamp Did Not Compress These 2 Mega Large Files

    602. Waiting GTA4 /

      ce ne sono tanti nascosti Frendly… lol

      Haaaoo… Pistolone :)

      I’m donwloading right now by Torrent, after 50 minutes I’m at 0,8% complete!!!

      I will be Old whne the download will be finished..

    603. Waiting GTA4 /

      fanculo, me lo compro…
      lol -.-

    604. JustMe /

      Because Hellvamp didn’t have time to compress :P
      It’s at 99.2% on TPB :)

    605. The Don /

      @ Waiting GTA4

      :) :)

      Quando avrai finito sarà uscito GTA V :)

      Dai aspetta qualche giorno (lo so è dura)! Ma il fine settimana saranno disponibili i file su vari server. Nel frattempo di consiglio “Dead Space” e/ o “Fallout 3”, sono entrambi bellissimi.

    606. Nico Belli /

      Here’s the Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for Grand Theft Auto IV it ‘Includes’ –
      Bonus VIDEO walkthru’s for dif. missions
      Cheat Codes
      All MAPS (health/armour/secrets++++)
      Searchable Bookmarked PDF
      Extras (Michelle Date tips/pigeon loc/unlockable list/achievements…


    607. mihail /

      REZ come on !!!!!!!!!!11

    608. Waiting GTA4 /

      In realtà, come dicevo prima, questo, insieme a Tomb Raider, sono gli unici giochi che io abbia mai comprato, amo averli nella scatola originale,poi l’altro giorno girando ho trovato Tomb Raider in RS e così.. vabè, me lo sono scaricato e giocato!!

      Fallout3 l’ho finito due giorni fà, DAVVERO BELLISSIMO!!!!

    609. The Don /

      Hello guys please change the file name before uploading to Rapidshare!!! are going to delete this files if the content is illegal…

    610. F|_|CKING Stuck On 99.9% 00.1kB/s

    611. bertie01843 /


    612. I Opened The RaMA Crack Looks real, Cant Test It Yet

    613. Demonith /

      Is this a fake plz upload pictures????????????????????????

    614. bertie01843 /

      hey REZ still on 99% or w.e ?

    615. Need DVD2 on RS pls ;)

    616. Frendly /

      This can’t be real… to much time, why?

    617. WW2 FAN /

      THUMPS UP!!!

    618. fake?

    619. Someone /

      NOW the torrent just took off. 7K+ seeds, and more when people get that last .1

    620. Frendly /

      GTA 4 is coming…….Iuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    621. bertie01843 /

      links above are fake downloaded first rar file and its just a load of rars inside another rar


    623. Frendly /

      ok…maybe we got it

    624. which is the working crack????

    625. bertie01843 /

      ARANEL <3333333333333333

    626. WW2 FAN /

      ONLY 10-20 FPS!!!
      I need a quadcore, maybe I’ll buy one tomorrow!!!

    627. Frendly /

      REZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… Is it real??? REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…Let me know please…and test all

    628. dvd 2 plssssssss

    629. WW2 FAN /

      With minimum details it looks awesome, too!!!
      Perfect Game, maybe I’ll buy it, if it costs 20€!!!

    630. dvd2 plssssssssssss

    631. AliFares /

      dvd 1 only on pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    632. Installing Just Now It Has Got English

    633. bertie01843 /


    634. bertie01843 /

      aranel u there ?

    635. mihail /


    636. VKS (Ruskij) /

      mihail, i’m alredy instaling it :p

    637. WW2 FAN /

      @VKS (PEDIK)

      I’m russian you can trust me!!!;-)

    638. Aranel / just completed 37 parts of DVD1 :) If you starting to download GTA IV now, try epidem links, you can trust them(for most cases:)

    639. ablabvala /

      oTKyDa MyZhiKi ???

    640. Aranel /


      Yeah, i’m here :)

    641. how to solve the date check from the exe?
      changing pc time to a date past 3 dec doesn’t work :(

    642. bertie01843 /


      I added you on msn but your not online :P Also what is the chances of the one being uploaded to that website being fake ? coz i dont understand russian and i dont fancy wasting more bandwith on a fake =[

    643. Where is the crack

    644. VKS (Ruskij) /

      WW2 FAN, ne ebi mne golovu… Ne verju ja tebe, sno4ala posmatru 4to s ostalnimi budit. Esli bi eto bilo pravdoj to na TPB uze bi trindeli ob etom vo vsu, a pod nikom “Group RaMA” ja uveren pi6e6 ti… Mne po4emuto kazetca 4to ti otvetitj sej4as daze ne smoze6, somnevajusj v tom 4to ti russkij, ili znae6 russkij jazik.

    645. Aranel /

      Yeah I’m not online now, cause im not on my pc :) Its only a small chance, ’cause i have downloaded lots of game from them(Left4Dead was the last) and they always work, so, i think you can trust them.

    646. all crack is didn’t work?? dude

    647. AliFares /

      can any one upload dvd 1 only on pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    648. bertie01843 /

      Ah ok :P im hopin this will be real ;( if not i will shoot myself =D

      On a side note

      i cant understand a word they are saying so anyone able to translate as to if this is the rip of a confirmed working copy being uploaded ?

    649. Wouter /

      NZB link?

    650. HateCamel /

      NZB link ? Dito.

    651. cracker /

      I have a question:

      I got the first DVD … but it has a setup error at an early stage of install. So i thought it is a bad version, but i saw some post around speaking about an “vista probleme”. Igot Vista64 sp3 …is there a way to get back to sp1 without reinstall ?

    652. Wouter /

      A NZB file?

    653. bertie01843 /


      The does the error happen while installing the game like a certain percent through ?

      Or does the setup not even open ?

      I dont think there is any such thing as vista sp3 unless thats only on 64 bit

    654. ( moderator ) The Real One-No Im Not-Ok Yes I am-Or Am I /

      Ok Thats Enough People, There Will Be No Talk Of cracks And Warez, Here Or You Will All Be F|_|CKING BANNED You Have Been WARNED!!.

    655. bertie01843 /

      o_O get ur own name

    656. Wouter /


    657. ( astronaut ) The Real One /

      then post da links

    658. Aranel /

      You can use Google Translate if you need, i use it for this things :) Its a working copy not rip and its multi8.

      PS: They’re at part 37 of DVD1 and part 35 of DVD2 now, and uploading to letitbit/vip-file and sms4file mirrors too.

    659. WW2 FAN / ( moderator ) The Real One-No Im Not-Ok Yes I am-Or Am I
      Should I laugh, you little piece of shit!!!

    660. bertie01843 /

      Ouch :P i was only joking btw :P :)

      My connection is 8mbps p2p is blocked -.- and i got a 40gb a month usage limit lol sucks ;/

      england btw <<

    661. Aranel /

      They’re uploading it to letitbit, vip-file and sms4file now.

    662. cracker /


      which system do you got ? winxp ?

    663. Crytec /

      there’s a crack too on the top of the links on

    664. bertie01843 /


      vista sp1 <

    665. is gta 4 working ?? ??

    666. Demonith /

      Is this working on Windows xp sp2 ???????

    667. GTAMAN /

      Cant Get Past Activation Checks

    668. VKS (Ruskij) /

      mihail, i downloaded it, and instaled. But forme TBP. Epidemc version aint working, it’s similare to TBP version. I cnow that becase i’m russian, and i can speack and read on russian.

    669. VKS (Ruskij) /

      Also there is writen that there wil be no crack antil tomorow, and nobady will bplay it thise night. On mine clock (22:16) i Rasha (23:16)
      Gud night to all of you, i will go watch some DVD movies, and then go to sleap. Hope the crack will be avalibel tomorow.

    670. bertie01843 /

      @VKS (Ruskij)

      When you say the epidem one doesnt work are you talking about the crack ? or the actual game they have uploaded ?

    671. Anonymous /

      GTAMAN: have you tried offline activation trick? Where paul.dll is 300k?

    672. VKS (Ruskij) /

      Demonith, read the page. There somewere is writen where. Read all posts writen by mihail, aspeshealy thouse that are adresed to mi. There are links to SP3 and to Windows validator. I just do not remember thiuse.

    673. VKS (Ruskij) /

      bertie01843, the game that is uplouded is the same one that is on TPB, it’s a real game, and it works. There are no crack avalible on the moment. Wain for it. I thinck that cracking teams are working at the moment, ore sleaping.

    674. bertie01843 /

      @VKS (Ruskij)

      Phew lol scared me for a min then through i was downloading it for nothing again :(

      i dont mind waiting for a crack :P aslong as im not wasting more bandwith on a crap one :P

    675. JustMe /

      DO NOT download any crack because i installed 3 cracks and my PC just gone MAD !!! My dual processor (E8400) cores works 100% all the time and my memory is up from 850Mb idle to 2.2Gb+ all the time, even my antivirus software gone crazy (asking to update every 5 minutes)!!! So BEWARE of any CRACKS!!! Wait for the real thing from RELOADED, Skullptura !!! :((

    676. bertie01843 /

      lol sounds nasty :P

    677. GTAMAN /

      Tried It Wants Internet Access To Check The Tells Me To Try Serial Again

    678. Anonymous /

      bertie01843: have you tried offline activation trick? Where paul.dll is 300k?

    679. VKS (Ruskij) /

      JustMe, i had semilare problem when searchd crack for MasS Effect… SUgest you need to send youre PC to fikser.

    680. bertie01843 /


      dont have the game yet :P still waiting

    681. Lord_Doomy /

      i tried all the offline activation copying the paul.dll and doesn´t work.

    682. GTAMAN /

      Yes The Paul.dll And Serial Activates It No Problem, But It Needs Access To The Internet To Check The Date For Some Reason, Then Invalidates The Serial And You Have To Uninstall then Install It Again.

    683. ok im gonna play nfs undercover until crack is released…

    684. Nickowannabe /

      There are two versions of paul.dll.

      One of them is 6 MB and it is a bitmap. It’s obviously fake, rename it to .bmp and see.

      Another one is a real .dll, about 300k, which is SecuROM PA Unlock DLL, version

      You used the correct one, didn’t you?

    685. Lord_Doomy /

      no, the paul.dll not activate nothing.

    686. i tried a lots of cracks and none are working

    687. Lord_Doomy /

      for the moment

    688. Nickowannabe /

      GTAMAN: that’s OK, just let’s identify the different cracks which don’t work.

      Have you tried setting the date?

    689. cracker /


      After waiting for ever, and going througth much fake stuff
      there finaly is an “working”release from !


      – All version out there are fakes (not working because of
      install prob or nit the game itself) exept: the epidem
      release so far

      – DVD1 installs the game right now on my PC, will hope it

      – GTA IV will only work on XP Sp3 and Vista Sp1

      – EPIDEM dont got the setup error !!

    690. GTAMAN /

      Yes First Thing I Did! 3 December

    691. bertie01843 /


      thank you very much sir :) cant wait :P atleast i know im not wasting my bandwith :)

    692. GTA IV-CLONEDVD + Crack
      Crack :

      (DVD 1)

    693. cracker /

      I now have to Insert the secound DVD which is downloading and at 75%.
      No error till now. will let you now when ready

      EPIDEM release
      WinVista Ulti 64

    694. Nickowannabe /

      The crack on gamecopyworld is a bitmap file (.bmp) renamed to paul.dll.

      I doubt it works. :)

    695. Nickowannabe /

      cracker: thanks for the info.

    696. is not online because this crack doesn’t work!

    697. Thank you so much for uploading but where is DVD2?

    698. 0x0008 have done it CRACK IT BABY YEAH


    699. i have a crack that might help and the instructions that go allong

    700. yes but i haven’t the scene release. I am waiting just you ;)

    701. My bad, AD. Please do when it’s released.

    702. Demonith /

      Is this gta 4 working or not? plz i wonth to now plz

    703. lol i will test it now stay tuned

    704. Nickowannabe /

      Demonith: seems OK, tough I test disc 1. Others told that installs correctly, but still looking for confirmed trick to start the game.

    705. Demonith /

      Nickowannabe” tnx dude tnx and is there any crack working?

    706. Hellvamp /

      Mystral THats FAKE i trie dit, COntains Trojan backdoor sHIT

    707. The torrent works well (no install problems for me) but still no crack.

    708. GTAMAN /

      Done All The Off Line Activation Stuff DLL Serial, Date Change, GTA IV Still Needs Access To The Net To Verify The Code Then Invalidates It.

    709. Mystral /

      yeah, fake cracks everywhere, hoped it was real and that smn would try it, thx 4 info.

    710. Nickowannabe /

      Demonith, GTAMAN: there is a 0×0008 team release trick, AD is testing it right now.

      I hope he will share the results with us. :)

    711. Jezarel /

      mmmm nice, 12240 peers NO SEEDERS

    712. Demonith /

      That is grate of him :)

    713. Nickowannabe /

      GTAMAN: readme says DISCONNECT the internet while validating.

      Most easy way: pull the plug out through the process.

    714. GTAMAN /

      Still Hellvamp Is A GOD!! I Have The Game Installed Thats The Most Important Thing, Just Need The Working Crack.

    715. fail not working, maybe i take a misstake

    716. GTAMAN /

      I Did Disconnect It But The Game wont Start Till It Validates With The Server

    717. why are u posting fake cracks and saying ‘Hope this works’ when u havent tested it urself?????? WTF?????

    718. Jezarel /

      anyone managed to actualy download this. No seeds man. Is there somewhere else?

    719. the version in on TPB is infected with a trojan

      DVD2: .\maps\east\brook_n.ide


    720. Nickowannabe /

      AD: have you tried 0x0008 way?

    721. Grand.Theft.Auto.IV-0x0008 is nuked sorry :(

    722. VKS (Ruskij) /

      Is there a working crack aut yet?

    723. GTAMAN /

      Johns Crack > 1 Of Them Is Fake! This yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy In The DLL, The Other DLL I Have Tryed Its Not Working

    724. Nickowannabe /

      Unfortunately at least 1 hour till I can check myself.

      If I found something new I’ll post it here.

    725. GTAMAN /

      GTA IV Activation = A Pirates Nightmare

    726. VKS (Ruskij) /

      In spite of all measures according to rumours nevertheless already cracked versions of the game leaked out there would be on Internet, but for people who download this version and play Rockstar have still a surprise in petto. ” Beside the fact that warez-scene the good spot is Trojan or other peck malware on, it will lead use of a cracked version of GTA IV also to changes in the gameplay. This varies from comic modifications to modifications which ensure that you cannot finish the game” , sais Rockstar. ”
      What do you thinck abaut thise!?

    727. Am downloading the epidem one

      Should be done eventually.

    728. GTAMAN /

      They Did The Same With Football Manager, If It was Cracked You Could`nt Play The Game Properly.

    729. people are to busy playing the game instead of uploading it… can’t blame them

    730. Nickowannabe /

      VKS: I can imagine it’s true.

      If I remember well there was something like this before with another game.

      Serious teams will track these down. Very complex programs got crack finally.

      I think goal is that people get enough and buy it.

      Most people are lazy and impatient. They pay happily if everything works correcty and immediately.

    731. VKS (Ruskij) /

      Nickowannabe, honestly i also thinck that cracking teams will trece down thise problem… Abaut Trojan… Evione can delete it win antivirus.

    732. GTAMAN /

      The Only Trojan In GTA IV Is DRM AND SECUROM

    733. Nickowannabe /

      I checked Football Manager, from gamecopyworld you can download a “fixed fix” in which the triggers are removed.

      So I think there will be 100% crack sooner or later.

      Trojan: I want to check it myself, “brook_n.ide” sounds like a resource file, not an executable.

    734. Frendly /

      Rez, Are you still here?

    735. Warrior /

      Waits patiently…

    736. what the seasson ending problem on FM09 is fixed?

    737. bertie01843 /

      =D disk 1 is done for me from epi seems to be installing ok readme file actualy has something in it this time compaired to a copy i was looking at before :) waiting for disk 2 to finish :P

    738. GTAMAN /

      Checked Its Just A Ide Map File Its Clean There Are brook_n2.ide brook_n3.ide

    739. I’ll save the hassel and go out and purchase the game, from my local game retailer!

    740. bertie01843 /

      If you are running a 64-bit edition of XP you will need to install Windows Media Encoder 9 Series x64 Edition
      in order to play Grand Theft Auto IV. You can download this SDK here:

      just incase anyone has problems on xp 64

    741. Nickowannabe /

      GTAMAN: yeah, thanks.

      See Johno’s post? :)

      I’ll buy if I like it, because multiplayer is fun.

    742. Nickowannabe /

      It will be the first time i’ve purchased a retail copy of a game in years! “Shhh” :D

    743. It will be the first time i’ve purchased a retail copy of a game in years! “Shhh” :D

    744. Nickowannabe /

      Johno: are you a Rockstar Games agent? :)

    745. Buy this game and it will improve securom security for the next games.

    746. Warrior /

      It will be the first time i’ve purchased a retail copy of a game in years! “Shhh”

    747. 0x0008 (official) /

      There wont be a crack release within the next week.

    748. Jesus-Christ /

      0x0008 lies.

    749. Warrior /

      I’m with you on that Jebus

    750. Narcwaffle /

      Bought special edition at launch on 360 for $90 USD. I feel that I already own the game. Not gonna buy on PC till it drops to $30 or less. Hooray for torrents.

    751. mihail /

      bertie I’m taking this message, ”your system does not supported this media please contact this media’s owners

    752. bertie01843 /


      What operating system are you on ? and service pack ect ?

    753. mihail /

      vista home edition sp1

    754. bertie01843 /

      hmmm well ive installed as much as i can for now untill disk 2 is done (about 10 files left) never had no problems are you using daemon tools ? if so make sure its up to date

    755. mihail /

      no, I ınstalled perfectly, when I’m trying crack the game (one of the paul.dll) I get that error…

    756. bertie01843 /

      oh right well i wouldnt be able to help you there ;/ you would probly be better of waiting a while for a crack or there could be the chance that you have to reinstall completely and also could risk messing up your computer

      once im done installing i am willing to try every crack available and let you know which one works :)

    757. GTAMAN /

      I Have Tryed Every Crack Available And None Work As Of Yet.

    758. bertie01843 /

      Ok thanks for letting us know GTAMAN :) we just gotta wait around i guess :P

    759. Nickowannabe /

      GTAMAN: there is a newer version of paul.dll in the main directory,

      I think we need a crack for that too.

      Tried to copy cracked onto it, but it failed.

      I realised that some of the crack-packs contain the original paul.dll, so double checked using the cracked one. That accepts any data entered.

      I found a launchgtaiv.exe (15k), failed.

      Somehow I got a screen that got me to this site:

      But doesn’t work after updating.

      Unfortunately that’s it, we have only the hard way left. :)


    760. 0x0008 (official) /

      @ Nickowannabe

      i got the same thing…i installed this and when i hit gtaIV exe black window shows up ..closes again and than rockstar Games Club shows up with big PLAy button

    761. GTAMAN /

      Any Cracks That Are Out Just Now, All You Will Get Is > (Initial activation requires internet connection) Then Your F|_|cked When You Let It Ping The servers It Totally Invalidates The Copy Of The Game! I Think, I Got It To Activate With The DLL And Serial The First Time, Not Connected To The Net It Wont Start If You Dont Let It Connect, and Wont Start If you do Let it, ( Rockstar* Have OWNED! US ).

    762. Anonymus /

      Quote:Rockstar North
      December 2nd, 2008 | 18:09

      Dont bother to beat our protection, guys.

      Think we spent 200k for you to play our game for free?

      Think twice!

      Rockstar Upper East
      December 2nd, 2008 | 18:24

      You really cant crack this game believe me or not. We have done everything to stop you from playing it for free.

    763. Two real cracked-exe (activation REMOVED) from VTL & RLD are expected to the next few hours…

    764. bertie01843 /

      And you read this where “Anonymus” ?

    765. GSJ – Is info real? 100% Real? Where they will be uploaded? wher it can be downloaded from?

    766. GTAMAN /

      If You Open Both Paul.DLL Files One In C: GTA And The Other In OfflineActivation Folder With ResHacker, And Look Through The Hex Data And Activation Windows You will See Both Have To do With The Activation Not The .exe Files

    767. Guest, i cant say that it´s 100% certain, but the source is “good”.

      Let´s wait.

    768. bertie01843 /

      where is your source ? screenshot or weblink or it didnt happen!

    769. Spiney /

      Hey Guys! I dont know about the crack! But this is the real paul.dll! It activated my game without problems!

    770. bertie01843 /

      Wow you get a free song with it -.- Eminem when im gone

      lol oO

    771. Spiney /

      Yeah, no idea who would do that. Anyway, it showed the activated window in the offlineactivator, but when running the launchgtaiv.exe, it still needs another activation with unlockcode…hmpf

    772. Kind of Shit /

      Mh, that suxx :S I Installed it by original DVD’s and it have windows live and Rockstar social club online activations. You have to be online at WinLive and Rockstar Social Club.
      Bad work Rockstar…

    773. Anonymous /

      Argh……where is crack… =// Can’t wait anymore.

    774. bertie01843 /

      I think we gotta buy it =[

    775. Anonymous /

      Anyone working on crack – respect 4 u. Keep on trying ! =)

    776. Anonymus /

      People who lives in Europe… Go to sleep and in the morning when u wake up go to a game store and BUY the real game… It’s more fun that way :)
      Crack will be out in a month or so… :(

    777. Anonymous /

      2 tspbc – ITS Fake.

    778. Step 2! /

      Only need the step 2 process cracked and we could be playing now.

      anyone good at hacking? or maybe code breaking, if we all saw the Serial and the unlock code, there has to be a link somewhere.

    779. NewDanger /

      Entonces… ESTA EL CRACK O NOOOO???? JEJEJE

    780. 0x0008 (official) /

      I got a question:

      I have a problem starting the game, the social luncher thing gives me an “Parent control” error …someone have experienz with it ?

    781. 0x0008 (official) /

      and, btw iam admin, and yea i tried to set up special account…but nothing worked out

    782. VKS (Ruskij) /

      I wanted to try it, but can not do thise… WHen i try to download, its writes to me.
      Use POST-Method without content

    783. Nickowannabe /

      VKS: it’s a phishing link, the site is not Rapidshare, just looks like it, and tries to steal your premium login data.

    784. Nickowannabe /

      VKS: if you entered your login data, then change your rapidshare password fast.

    785. opopop /

      DVD are true but no crack yet !

    786. Waiting GTA4 /

      no problem, it will come…

      Few days ago, same situation for FarCry2, after 12Hours from its exit, the crack came..
      I’m not worry for the crack…

    787. GTAMAN /

      Just Woke Up, Is The still No Crack For This GAME.

    788. give us a good working crack

    789. GTAMAN /

      If There Is Not A crack In The next Few Hours, I Am Going To Buy This Game, And Loss All Faith In F|_|CKING Pirates Rockstar* Have Killed The Ripped Game Scene With, One B@st@rd Game (GTA IV) Now RIP Stands For Rest In Peace.

    790. crackers /

      Protection installed GTA IV PC folder , price Securom 200.000dollar.
      need the mega brains and super computers.
      but you want all immediately.


    791. GTAMAN /

      I Am Going Out In My Car To do GTA For Real If I Dont Get A Crack Soon, I Already Have Lots Of Convictions 38+ And On Probation 3 Year Order, There Might Be A Crack For This by The Time I Get Out.

    792. Anonymous /

      ExeInfo PE ver. this program will open any *EXE game GTA4

    793. santey /

      so , in file GTA.EXE ,sits file paul.dll ,which appears anew every time when you start GAME.
      so we see that it is necessary to work with GTA.EXE.

    794. Nickowannabe /

      VKS (Ruskij): are you a phisher?

      I repeat: what you link is a phishing site, and contains a NFS crack.

    795. mihail /

      no crack yet ???? you gotta be kiddin’ me ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    796. Demonith /

      Is it crack out or is there any ho working?

    797. 0x0007 /

      Let us work, ffs

    798. mihail /

      I’m tired of your fake comments, If you have one percent virility, STOP POSTING FAKE COMMENTS, if you a real crack POST IT, if not, find a girl, f**k her out. It’ll take your time, meanwhile you can’t send posts at the same time…..

    799. Anonymous /

      Nickowannabe, i have only Collector’s Zone there, and it’s Secured.

    800. VKS (RUS) /


    801. Bill Gates /
    802. VKS (RUS) /

      SOme people tal that there is alredy redy crack frome Reloded. But the team naw is sercheng the solution to fju problems.
      1 The game some times go to windows screan.
      2 Some times the Vide Cart melts becase of the crack :) There are alredy thri video cards meltet in Reloded. :( Hope they will find the solution fast.

    803. Guys from Romania /

      Respect to crackers!!!

    804. What means ”melted” and ”nuked”?

    805. Demonith /

      Respect to crackers!!! keep at the god work crackers!!!

    806. VKS (RUS) /

      pWnd. melting i mean… Hm… Jams, Burns, do not work after thise, and need to be troud in garbage.
      Nuked – HZ i do not cnow.

    807. Demonith /

      Is there any direct link to download?

    808. VKS (RUS) /

      What do you thinc, is thise true, ore just a Duck? Abaut Crack redynes.

    809. mihail /

      no signs of crack ???

    810. VKS (RUS) /

      Mihail, read some coment below. There is some side, but i thinck it’s aint true. If it’s true, then it’s beater not to aploud crack like that.

    811. Guys from Romania /

      VKS(RUS) you really refresh this page a lot :D;) like my :D

    812. mihail /

      VKS there are MUCHHHH SO MUCH comments below, give me link let me try ????

    813. Demonith /

      Is there cheats for pc out yet?

    814. VKS (RUS) /

      Mihail, SOme people tal that there is alredy redy crack frome Reloded. But the team naw is sercheng the solution to fju problems.
      1 The game some times go to windows screan.
      2 Some times the Vide Cart melts becase of the crack There are alredy thri video cards meltet in Reloded. Hope they will find the solution fast.

      Guys from Romania, yep. I Just want to play the game :D

    815. VKS (RUS) /

      “Rockstar North December 2nd, 2008 |18:09
      Dont bother to beat our protection, guys. Think we spent 200k for you to play our game for free? Think twice!
      Quote: Rockstar Upper East December 2nd, 2008 | 18:24
      You really cant crack this game believe me or not. We have done everything to stop you from playing it for free”

      They are saying the true, ore just scared of game to be cracked, and are maiking psyhologyc atack :)

    816. VKS (RUS) /

      Cnow what… I wanted crack for the game just to make sure, that mine PC will run it, that there is no sheat like witj Spider Man Web Of Shadows… Then i planted to buy it… But naw, i’m just gona wait for crack, and play it withaut buying…

    817. VKS (RUS) /

      Here is the video, where one cracker is trying to crack the game, the way he’s doing it is fasinating…
      THise is youtube, not virus :)

    818. RELOADED (Team Member) /

      Important Announcement!

      We Would Like To Tell People

      Team Reloaded Has Just Reached

      Level 33 In Mrs PacMan

      Thankyou For You Support.

      Member > (Cracker)

    819. mihail /

      congratulations NOW YOU DESERVED A ”BARBIE WITH TONY” DOLL….

    820. GTAMAN /

      I Think Its Time To Call The Russians To Crack This Game.

    821. mihail /

      yeahh VKS give us updates about russian cracking industry, razor, reloaded,vitality they’re uselesss

    822. VITALITY TEAM /

      mihail, shut up !!!

      We are not useless, we just playing LEGO. And we are proud of it.
      We left this job, from now on we gona playin LEGO, we gona make spaceships….



    823. VKS (RUS) /

      Mihail, if in russia GTA $ was cracked, then the crack alredy wold be on TPB. If it aint there yeat, that’s mean that the crack is not avalible right naw.

    824. Guys from Romania /

      I think reloaded is just playing with us ;) i have great trust in these guys … also other crackers that i respect, i know that this game is a cracking challenge for them because RockStar said that this game can;t be cracked :D so RESPECT and GL to all!

    825. mihail /

      thanks VKS I’m tired of waiting

    826. anybody live here???? what;s going on?

    827. Demonith /

      Respect to crackers!!! keep at the god work crackers!!! U will make it!!!!!!!!

    828. GTAMAN /

      There Is A New Crack On The Piratebay Every 30 Min All fake Sh1t By Unknown Uploaders.

    829. VKS (RUS) /

      I hope that thise will not take so many time to crack thise, haw it taked to crack AID…

    830. VKS (RUS) /

      Thise is writen somewere like frome Razor… But i do not cnow is it true, ore not… But i want to belive that it’s true.
      “wait untill tomorrow+ for the real thing, reloaded/razor1911/vitality are probably working hard on this one.”

    831. Nickowannabe /

      I can’t understand them.

      Maybe the guys paid by Rockstar to make people bored. :)

      The game surely will be cracked, even if it last for weeks.

      We already saw some uncrackable programs.

    832. mihail /

      Rainbow Six Vages 2 was using same securom ??? It’s crack uploaded minutes later game’s links

    833. bertie01843 /

      Ah well atleast my brother is kind enough to lend me his ps3 till a crack comes out / i have the money :P

    834. VKS (RUS) /

      Thise is what Rokstar are duing at the moment, and cauting money…

    835. Nickowannabe /

      Half billion dollars only from console selling. :)

    836. lolcopter /


    837. VKS (RUS) /

      Beter if you give the crack, not stuped video?

    838. Demonith /

      sry dude bat i am not a profesional cracker here :)

    839. GTAMAN /

      EveryBody Is Releasing The Same F|_|CKING DLL Crack EveryWhere, That Activates The Game Then The Game Asks For Another Serial And Online Activation.

    840. mihail /

      c’on where is the damn crack

    841. Demonith /

      I clicking all day to find any crack for GTA 4 ahhh maaannn my finger ahh

    842. noboby ^^ /

      there is a crack that is fully working but its not public yet…

      it will be posted within the next 2 or 3 hours

    843. paul.dll /

      hey guys, it’s me: paul.dll
      i see everyone is trying to take me down, but i have a comrade. as soon as you get past me, he will push you back.

    844. bertie01843 /

      noboby ^^
      December 3rd, 2008 at 3:29 pm

      there is a crack that is fully working but its not public yet…

      it will be posted within the next 2 or 3 hours

      Yeh i bet…

    845. mihail /


      I clicking all day to find any crack for GTA 4 ahhh maaannn my finger ahh

      we have same problem. my pc is still open since 1st december

    846. paul.dll From C:/ Program Files/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV/OfflineActivation /

      Yes Just Delete Me, I Don`t Work I Am SH1T!

    847. Anonymous /

      try this people :

      dude, the problem isnt with the activation, they got passed it. but after that another activation is asked

    848. GTAMAN /

      mihail Downloaded That Looked Real Smaller LaunchGTAIV.exe, Than The original LaunchGTAIV.exe But Still Asking For Serial Activation.

    849. NOTHING IS /


    850. rld-crw /

      Crack will be there in no more than 12 hours.Thanks for your patience.

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

    851. Demonith /

      YOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! keep up the god work

    852. Finally! thank you very much…

    853. mihail /

      Druno they’re fake damn,……………….

    854. bertie01843 /

      that could be anyone saying that :/

    855. for gods sake it released :)

    856. thanks god at last
      it released :)

    857. rld-crw /

      My mistake. We cannot crack it.

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

      Convincing, eh? So let’s see it first.


    858. rld-crw /

      but we have cracked pokémon blue edition

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

    859. Demonith /


    860. rld-crw /

      Don’t listen to this fakers.We made a crack already,but it’s not 100% functional.Game can’t be saved.We won’t release it,util it’s fixed.

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

    861. Nickowannabe /


      I’ve got it yesterday with GTAIVGDF.dll and SRmodex.dll (which is not in the original installation).

      I really start to think that payed Rockstar agents distributing these.

    862. try this /

      Grand Theft Auto IVloader

      use the loader to start the

      try to activate manual

      use daemon tools

      Grand Theft Auto IVloader

      and will check again pls stop bad comments do some work to start this game !

      requers dvd for loading / it is not virus or anything !!!

      it is clean !

      dvd requ

    863. rld-crw /

      We Opened The Files In Hex Editor, And Saw Lots Of Numbers What Do We Do Now HELP!

    864. VITALITY /

      we finished crack.. Now we gone crack Paris Hilton’s voice.,,, then WE GONNA release this crack with her mp3

    865. rld-crw /

      We Will Have A Crack out in less Than 7 Hours!

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

    866. LuigiBlood /

      Seriously, this is not funny at all…

    867. Nickowannabe /

      Hex editor one was funny. :)

    868. GTAMAN /

      I Modified The Two Paul.dll Files Myself, Deleted The Activation Stuff Out Of Them So Its Not Asking For Activation Numbers Just To Download, Games For Windows Live If You Dont Already Have It, Then It Wont Run The Game.>>>>> We Opened The Files In Hex Editor, And Saw Lots Of Numbers What Do We Do Now HELP! <<<That Was Me (MY BAD)

    869. Anonymous /

      trymedia version is leaked and cracked

    870. Nickowannabe /

      Good job, but I think, securom is the real hard task, isn’t it?

    871. GTAMAN /

      Yes Might Be Securom Stopping It From Loading Up

      trymedia version No One Released The crack

    872. Nickowannabe /

      By the way lot of people are complaining about the performance of the game (and the constant crashes), so I definitely want to try out before buying.

    873. mihail /



    874. GTAMAN /

      I Have Never Bought A PC Game In My Life, Might Have To Start Now

      The People Complaining About The Performance Of The Game May Have SH1T Computers

    875. rld-crw /

      Crap, Our HDD’s crashed and crack deleted itself. Sorry guys, wait a couple of months and we will release it.

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

    876. Waiting GTA /

      I have already buy the game on Steam..
      I’m donwloading eight now, a little slow but i’ll don’t have problem with activation or others bullshit…


    877. bertie01843 /

      December 3rd, 2008 at 5:49 pm


      The following item in this link is fake and doesnt work so please dont waste your time

    878. Anonymous /

      activation is bypassed by darkc0der

    879. GTAMAN /

      NEW CRACK BY RELOADED Opened The .exe This Is What Is Inside


    880. Don’t spam. There is no working crack for the gta4 yet. The groups are working hard on their cracks. My bet is on the reloaded crew. I’ll wait for their release.

    881. Crap, Our HDD’s crashed and crack deleted itself. Sorry guys, wait a couple of months and we will release it.

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

      Who knows – is it real or not?

    882. rld-crw /

      Of course Its Fake

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

      Who knows – is it real or not?

    883. rld-crew

      Please release your Crack without Save function.
      Do it please. :S..

    884. rld-crew /

      yes but give me first your bank account

      before i must compare something

    885. rld-crw /

      We Are All On The Crack Just Wait! ViTALiTY Showed Us His Crack, We Showed Him Ours, Then Skullptura Ripped Into Our Crack And Subzero Got Jealous.

      *****************RELOADED CREW*****************************************

    886. rld-crew /

      which of these messages can you believe?
      nothing of interest here until there are no dl-links.
      just wait ppl

    887. You’re funny. Can’t wait. ;D

      But Good Luck anyway..

    888. LuigiBlood /

      It’s time to get serious, there’s two files that needs to be cracked (and i know which ones, and it’s exe files).

    889. does rld crack will be realeased?

    890. rld-crw (Real One) /

      YES!!! We Have Done It People This Is History Right Here

      We Have Completed Mrs PacMan

      *****************The Real!!! RELOADED CREW************************

    891. rld-crw /

      and the crack?

    892. rld-crw (Real One) /

      Yes We Smoked Lots Of CRACK!!!

    893. fiction /

      I read in the other grand theft auto 4 0.0008 that they have som sucess or am I wrong?

    894. fiction /

      dont know if its any help for Grand_Theft_Auto_IV_PC_Edition

    895. fiction /

      It doesn’t launch the SecuROM check but doesn’t launch the game either.

    896. GTAMAN /

      So Thats Not Working To

    897. fiction /

      hm, nope could get it to work.

    898. Crytec /

      look at the pirate bay…. the paul.dll is cracked, only a no dvd crack is needed…

    899. fiction /

      im wondering if the sr read our comments on there site, I sure hope so.

    900. fiction /

      @Crytec yeah. i saw that, and done it. it works.

    901. GTAMAN /

      There Are Lots Of Paul.dll Cracks On Piratebay None Work

    902. Crytec /

      The last one works…but it only bypass the activation, and then asks for a dvd.. so a cracked exe is needed

    903. fiction /

      that one does.. i just try´d it.. it isnt a fake.. the dialog box there you have to fill out the activation code does not appear.. thats the different. after that its a dialog that sais pleas put in the dvd.. yeah you know the one..

    904. GTAMAN /

      I Removed The Activation Process Completely My Self But The Game Wont Load Up

    905. fiction /

      so one step at the time to GAMING :)

    906. LuigiBlood /

      It works ! But it says it have a conflict with Daemon Tools…
      I don’t want to burn DVDs…

    907. fiction /

      but what does it mean to fool activation? does it stil work online and multi?

    908. Steam ver gta4 is warking after bypassed


    909. mihail /

      I passed activation It says no disc inserted c’on guy WE NEED EXE. NOW !!!!

    910. steam version of exe file /

      where can i get the version of the game exe file steam provides ?

    911. Crytec /

      yeah, can someone please upload the steam launchgtaiv.exe??

    912. fiction /

      @mihail yeah i know man..

      @mine what do you mean that it verifys it? do you activate it from there or do you just put it like non steam game?

    913. mihail /

      I Downloaded gtaloader it contains paul.dll loader 2 and launcher.exe ı opened loader2 ıt asked serial ı entreed then ı get activaiton successfull. after this no disc inserted message appeared.

    914. fiction /

      yeah i think that is the same that i have. but i just copied paul.dll file and it the activation dialog just disapear

    915. GTA Lover /

      Im just curious how much longer till some smart cracker succeeds, i think tomorrow we will have one!!!

    916. Steam ver gta4 is warking after bypassed


    917. GTAMAN /

      Might Be Sooner All I Need Is A Simple NoCd Crack

    918. try this!!!!! you didint get masage about registration, but we still need no dvd exe /
    919. mihail /

      yeeeaahhh dude GTAMAN we need simple stupid .exe crack !!!

    920. steam version of exe file /

      please upload the steam versino of gtalauncher.exe

    921. Crytec /

      …said that already…

    922. Guerilla /

      Working – no more “activate” screen. But No Dvd Crack needed 4 now.
      Paul dll from some game of ATARI. It wants DVD -Mb it need some Atari Dvd from game? Anyway it detects daemon tools =)

    923. What means ”steam”?

      buy the game there and upload the gtalauncher.exe if you got it!

    925. I got 4.88 mb version but i downloaded it…

    926. mihail /


    927. LuigiBlood /

      Well, i knew it was two files, i know which ones we have to “crack it”, it’s GTAIV.exe, Paul.dll (it got pwnd), and i don’t think LaunchGTAIV.exe is useful. The main file that launch the game is GTAIV.exe.

    928. but its working for me with gtalauncher and paul.dll(new one)

    929. fiction /

      do you need GTAIV.EXE the original file?

    930. VKS (RUS) /

      WHise aint fake, i have to copy paul.dll yes? Thise baybases avtivation. And all that i will need after thise is to vait for No DVD?

    931. gtalauncher /

      is the securom launcher…

    932. fiction /

      vsk yes

    933. fiction /

      here is the original file GTAIV.exe, if someone need it.

    934. Crytec /

      haha man i have a way to play the game :D

    935. And the way is ?

    936. LuigiBlood /

      We need GTAIV.exe from Steam Version.

    937. Steam’s Gta versions are different to the Store versions i think

    938. Crytec /

      ok..i first have to upload the cracked files…wait a second..

    939. Kanstul /

      why dont you tell us crytec? would appreciate your newly gained wisdom =)

      i observed these comments since this version was releases.. haha GEEEKS
      no seriously somebody was playing games with the torrents and rs communities..
      item, sooner or later we’ll all be rolling down liberty city streets :D

    940. Thx Crytec… what for files are it ? GTAIV.exe oder Activation files again ?
      Pls uploadet it @ a non-waiting hoster not like -,- or somthing

    941. Crytec /

      the files are from the steam version, the launchgtaiv.exe und the gtaiv.exe .. with the paul.dll from piratebay the game starts if you are not logged in in the social club and also not in the msn thing….otherwise you get an error

    942. Crytec /

      sry :D i read that too late :D

    943. Pls upp @ a other filehoster rapidshare got no free slots to load -,-

    944. Crytec /

      ok wait..

    945. VKS (RUS) /

      I CNOW THE WAY TO RUN THE GAME!!! But… It’s runs like for 1-5 sec… Int crashes after GTA IV logo :) But thise’s a progres alredy :D
      Steam exe.

    946. can you upload to another uploader?

    947. Crytec reload to a other filehoster file is download to often !
      PLSS !!

    948. THXX DUDE !

    949. fiction /

      where do I put the files and what programs did you san should be running? the social club log off and msn?

    950. Crytec / <- the steam files without paul.dll

    951. MÄ°HAÄ°L /


    952. User1292 /

      Crytec, run it without Problems?

    953. RELOADED (TEAM) /

      Told You Guys We Would Crack It ENJOY!!!

    954. Crytec /

      msn should be logged off too! .. when you are in the game and start a new game, you have to log in..than it’s a no longer a problem…the game will ask you itself to log in, when you start a new game ;)

    955. Crytec /

      I do not have any problems, only the problems i told you ;D .. the game crashes (on my computer ;) ) when i am logged in social club and msn live games when i start the game… when i am not, the game works fine ;)

    956. User1292 /

      I have to activate the game, what should I do?

    957. Crytec /

      the picture you want to see … -> first chapter :D

    958. Mr. Ihatewaitingforsolong /

      can u please upp the paul.dll from piratebay again?

    959. Crytec /

      you do not have to activate the game, it by passes the activation with the paul.dll from this link :

    960. Anonymous /


      can u upload your paul.dll ?

      when i start the game it always come this window with activation

      really shit

    961. mihail /

      crytec plaese upload your gta4.exe !!!!!!!!!

    962. Crytec PLEASE upload the dll from pirate to

      PLEASE. Didn’t have a Torrent Client right now.

    963. Crytec /

      ok again … the paul.dll ->
      the steam files ->

      do NOT log into msn or social club. start the game… have fun ;)

    964. Crytec, could you be kind and reupload those Steam files to Rapidshare again? They are, uhm at the moment “blocked”.

    965. Love you Crytec. ;)
      Wanna have a beer? :D

    966. Works a charm my friend thank you so much <3

    967. User1292 /

      Crytec, if I start the game i get a Problem: “GTA IV:SCHWERWIEGENDER FEHLER: RMN40” What should I do?

    968. Not it comes -> Wrong disc insertet… reason ?

    969. GTAMAN /

      @ Crytec Thanks I Got It Fully Working With Your Files, Your Better Than RELOADED!

    970. Crytec /

      hm i dont know the rmn40 problem .. maybe you use an ati graphic card?

    971. My Mother /

      If this really works, Crytec: give me ur adress, I’ll come to you and we marry! :)

    972. schul0r /

      you have to install service pack 3 if u are using win xp!! otherwise youll get the rmn40 problem

    973. Xprofyles /

      Hey Crytec I have this problem GTA IV FATAL ERROR: RMN40
      Please help man you are the best:D

    974. bertie01843 /

      ok something isnt right lol im playing just got past the first few videos and leaving the apartment the camera is just wobbling side to side as if to try and anoy me guess something to do with r* ?

    975. hi i get the following error xlive.dll cant be found….

    976. GTAMAN /

      And Disconnect From The Net Before Starting The Game

    977. bertie01843 /

      nah this has been tampered with the car is auto driving….. the camera is wobbling

    978. LuigiBlood /

      I have XP SP3, using an ATi Radeon.
      This appears (using Steam files and Paul.dll cracked) :

      What’s this means ?

    979. mihail /

      Crytec it’s not working, because it’s original .exe we need cracked exe.

    980. fiction /

      @ bertie01843 I have the same problem. hm. why is that?

    981. User1292 /

      Yes I using the ATI HD 3650, shit, I want to play GTA 4 :(

    982. Kanstul /

      it crashes when i get the first logo screens… hmm..
      it always wants me to start the social thing first.. how do i start the game without having social rockstar on?

    983. fiction /

      for me it works. but i have the same problem as bertie.. wobbeling..
      i wonder if it is the graphic card.. i have radeon 4850 512.

    984. bertie01843 /

      as i just said within a few seconds of playing the camera wobbles like hell and u get in a car and it starts to smoke then when you accelerate the car wont stop and the wheels catch fire and burst

      I think the game has been tampered with somewhere along the line R* ftl

    985. bertie01843 /

      P.S my system spec

      Amd athlon 64 x2 Dual core processor 4600+ 2.40ghz

      2gb ram

      1 X Nvidia 9600 gt Oc game runs great except these things i listed im thinking the game has been messed with :(

    986. Crytec /

      i dont have the problems you have, my camera is ok! .. also after the apartment scene… i dont know why… and you can not blame me for the bugs r* still has in the game..

    987. mihail /

      Bertie how did you crack it ???

    988. bertie01843 /

      the sad fact is they could have done something with the steam exe to make it do that when its used with a different version of the game or something :/ could be anything now that the game is playable someone may be able to find a way around this kinda thing

    989. Crytec /

      hm maybe you have to abort the first cut scene of the game…i did that .. and i have no problems with the game! i swear!

    990. Anonymous /

      It works perfectly, but there’s a new problem. You can’t save qithout being logged into Windows Live

    991. GTAMAN /

      Damm It The Car Is Driving Its Self And Camera Wobbling They B@st@rds R*

    992. Crytec – Can u reverse with your car?? I cant AFTER the apartment scene.. in the first car control game i can reverse and drive and all.. in the Apartment scene the camera is vobbeling and then the cars begins to smoke when i am driving it and i cant reverse..

      WHen i get in controls and in game controls i see a joystick like on Xbox, and not a keyboard.. other people try that – Is it the same for you?

    993. I have everything installed including paul.dll. The only thing needed so far for it to work is a gtaiv.exe no dvd crack. and the game will run.

    994. fiction /

      hm. another question.. when i check the controll settings there is a x360 controll there… why?

    995. DS – the exe files are here :

    996. Demonith /

      Upload somwhere els plz

    997. Crytec /

      @bedal the xbox controller is also in my game…thats not the problem, and yes, i can reverse after the apartment scene…i dont know why you guys have these problems…maybe its the german language?…i dont know…hm…i think i told you everything i i dont know the problem, i am in the third mission and everything is still fine!

      @anonymus…in the game itself, you can log into msn…thats no problem, and than you can also save the game ;)


      PASS: thy4rr

      100% working crack when you have sp3 insalled on winxp, if not you geht rmn40 error

    999. Crytec /

      @bedal have you tried to cut the first video?`.. when you start new game..the very first video…when the people start to talk just hit esc ;) .. maybe that works, after that i cut no other scene and it works fine for me!

    1000. Darkc0der /

      Dont Worry People I Have This Working Crack Now I Can Release It As My Own



    1001. here working crack :) /

      PASS: thy4rr

      100% working crack when you have sp3 insalled on winxp, if not you geht rmn40 error

    1002. bertie01843 /


      I skipped it and got the same problem still btw when it says loading in the bottom right does yours flicker as if its loading 2 fast or something :S ?

    1003. fiction /

      yeah you can save the game..
      i read that if you try the game from gtaiv.exe then the camere should shake.. so im going to test that now.

    1004. Crytec /

      hm no it doesnt flicker…
      i started the game with the launchgtaiv.exe … not with the gta.exe…tried that?

    1005. bertie01843 /

      ill try it now was launching from the “games” section on the start bar of vista

    1006. thesonglessbird /

      If you’re getting errors, have a look here: to see what it means.

      Not that it matters, game is unplayable!

    1007. Crytec Your Crack Is All Over TPB EverOne Taking Credit For It

    1008. bertie01843 /

      Ok if you are on vista DONOT i repeat DONOT launch the game from “start – games” make a shortcut from your gta file of LaunchGTAIV it works fine but im still unable to save

      Asks to sign into windows live so i put in my details then asks for cd key and says invalid so im unable to save anyone know a way around ?

    1009. Demonith /

      Make an offline account an Windows live

    1010. bertie01843 /

      Ok wobbling started again ffs

    1011. Crack :P /

      PASS: thy4rr

      100% working crack when you have sp3 insalled on winxp, if not you geht rmn40 error

    1012. Crytec /

      haha it is not “my crack” .. i just figured out how to use th paul.dll and the two files from the steam… i didn’t crack anything ;) i am not “the man” ;D

      the wobbling .. hm.. maybe a bug?

    1013. bertie01843 /


      December 3rd, 2008 at 9:33 pm

      Make an offline account an Windows live

      Not sure what you mean mate >.<

      And i know the wobbling and exploding isnt a bug probly one of there easter eggs thing people talk about :/

    1014. Crytec /

      maan..the guys on TPB didnt even mentioned my name :( … the world is sooo bad … whatever :D

    1015. Crytec /

      @ bertie… when you create an account on windows live games, you can choose between offline and online account…it asks you what you wanna choose…

    1016. Anonymous /

      December 3rd, 2008 at 9:33 pm

      Make an offline account an Windows live

      Not sure what you mean mate >.<

      And i know the wobbling and exploding isnt a bug probly one of there easter eggs thing people talk about :/


    1017. bertie01843 /

      Gah spose i better do another account then lol ill try and get bk to u

    1018. I start the game, but the cam is wabbling))
      And the game starts through social club(( how can it be?

    1019. Crytec /

      hm..has anybody NOT the problem with the wabbling except me?

    1020. Guerilla /

      TPB Full of cracks. Anyone monitoring em? anyone tested????

    1021. Crytec /

      Okey it’s also neccessary to start the game with the launchgtaiv.exe, otherwise the game crashes on the startup on my computer…dont know if that helps anybody…

    1022. Crytec /

      the cracks on TPB are my way to run the game…diddnt found any other way at this point on the TPB site..

    1023. bertie01843 /

      Save game problem fixed just me being dumb lol

    1024. Demonith /

      Is there any crack? :)

    1025. I have the brand new Macbook pro running vista sp1 and the GTA 4 Program is fighting with me on what graphics setting to have, very annoying + when you click start new game select new windows live account and create it offline, then you can save in the game, the camra wobbling is so bad but it has been like that in other versions of gta: 3 and san andreas, it should be fixed soon!

    1026. bertie01843 /

      but still getting the wobbling :(

    1027. Crytec /

      haha mac…your problem :D

      @demonith … no .. not really a crack..but a way to play the game ;D

    1028. Demonith /

      Post it plz

    1029. daca va rog imi explicati cum scap de chestia aia cu social club?

    1030. Crytec /

      has been posted here…search… there are two uploaded links, few pages back ;)

    1031. Crytec /

      ok..just for you again :
      … the paul.dll ->
      the steam files ->

      do NOT log into msn or social club. start the game… have fun

    1032. how can i pass whitout subscribe in that thing whit social club? :(

    1033. fiction /

      many ppl have that problem

    1034. after i put the steam files and the paul.dll , that thing whit social group it still apears and don’t let me play

    1035. fiction /

      you can just ignore to log in.. and then play

    1036. Devils /

      Hey, will it be run smoothly in max settings in that system :

      Corsair PC8500 4gb
      HD4870 512mb


    1037. i can ignore that but there still apears something like “you need to download windows live from …and it say i can play if i sign in windows live

    1038. fiction /

      aha. victo you need to update windows live

    1039. ok i will do that, and i will be back with the result , i hope it will work

    1040. Demonith /

      Cant download steam files plz upload in megaupload plz

    1041. here is working crack:

      letitbit. net/download/2e4322200343/gta4-crack-4.12.08.rar.html
      depositfiles .com/files/0vyyn3snu

      (delete spaces)

      i’m playing right now, using it =)

    1042. fiction /

      yurio hehe what?

    1043. i have another problem the game runs until the menu apears than suddenly it crashes why?:(

    1044. anyone some help?

    1045. Oh My God! /

      cracks are useless ;) u can play, but after 10 minutes the gamecamera begins to toggle around and every car u drive gets fast. this was a good idea by the producer of the game… its more difficult to fix this, than to creat a crack! Rockstar has won!

    1046. Demonith /

      Crack will be soon or later :p

    1047. the crack works, the game runs… but u need more than this. u need a fix or something like that for the camera problem.

    1048. someone that could help whit my problem? the game crashes

    1049. cant help, sorry :( /

      do u have an ati graphiccard? this is a big problem for all ati-user… the game crashes

    1050. i have nvidia but still the game crashes, i will go to sleep im tired , hope that tomorow someone can help me , at least to play for 10 minutes

    1051. Mr. Sandman /

      go sleep! tomorrow there will be a 100% functional crack ;)

    1052. SAVIOUR /

      Hey, I also had the wobbling Prob. Started the Game with the LaunchGTAIV.exe instead of the GTAIV.exe and played for two hours without any Problems whatsoever……

    1053. bertie01843 /

      ok i managed to save the game but when i tryed to load got “gta iv needs to close” -.-

    1054. bertie01843 /

      Ok lets try and work this out to the people its working for what crack did you download ?

      and to the people who are getting the drunk problem what version did you get ?

      I got the one crytec gave out

    1055. Mr. Sandman /

      yeah, i have crytecs version too. but with camera and fast-car problem…

    1056. Spion007 /


      How to use?

      -Make sure the date has been checked by GTA IV(Trough installer or original LaunchGTAIV.exe
      -Make sure you’ve disallowed GTAIV.exe / RGSC.exe / LaunchGTAIV.exe from access to the internet(Windows Firewall)
      -Copy the 2 files(paul.dll and LaunchGTAIV.exe) to the main directory of GTA 4.
      -Run LaunchGTAIV.exe
      -Use: “Skip Login” to use the offline modus and simply continue by clicking: Play.
      -GTA IV will start now. Enjoy!


    1057. cevecee /

      Work for me.


    1058. SAVIOUR /

      USE THE LaunchGTAIV.exe instead of the GTAIV.exe!! This should end the camera issues……..

    1059. bertie01843 /

      did that and still getting it its as if it is triggered by something just dunno what ;/

    1060. bertie01843 /

      anyone still about ?


      a nice page, only for GTA 4
      there are Downloadlinks, a video and a crack :)

    1062. VKS (RUS) /

      Bad crack aut… I can not chanes setings in game…

    1063. Mirras /

      My problem is, that i have core 2 duo, 3gb ram, gforce 9600m GS 512, and the Game running F*Ckin SLOWLY !!!! What i have to do with that???? yop and i have all details on medium and resol. 800×600

    1064. and the games with that graphics details look very ugly

    1065. Mirras /

      I have nfs undercover in my pc on very high details, but GTA IV is on low. Strange

    1066. The drunked problem and cars are driving by hem self is still standing by me…

    1067. Schön für dich king am anfang läufts bei mir auch aber danach gehts ab mit der camera und den autos

    1068. ROCKSTAR* (Representative) /

      Well Done!! People There Will Be No GTA 5, So Enjoy! Our Final PC Release

    1069. Crytec /

      hey everybody… still dont know the reason for the camera problem.. my game is still running fine, i’m in the ..äh..10th mission or something…no problems at all!
      i dont know what i have done what you havent =/

    1070. Crytec /

      1. Install the game
      2. Update Msn Games
      3. Shut down social club
      4. Copy paul.dll into “grand theft auto iv” and into “offlineactivation”
      5. Copy gtaiv.exe and launchgtaiv.exe into “grand theft auto iv”
      6. Start the game from the folder and double click “launchgtaiv.exe
      7. do not sign into social clug and do not sign into msn games
      8. start a new game
      9. log into msn games
      10. cut the first scene…

      the way i did it and it runs well… i use german language, dont know if this is a matter.
      i did nothing else… i use a geforce 8800gts 640mb, amd x2 6400+ and an gigabyte mainboard…
      got the newest drivers for the graphic card…hm… maybe you should use the new directx 9.25…

      got not other idea! .. test it ;)

    1071. Demonith /

      Plz upload a direct link of DVD 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1072. Crytec /

      AND .. i use windows xp 32bit sp 3 prof, with all updates…

    1073. Demonith /

      I need DVD 2 PLZZZZZ

    1074. Anonymous /

      1) Copy the paul.dll, gtaiv.exe and Launchgtaiv.exe in your mainfolder
      2) Copy the paul.dll also in your “Offlineactivation”-Folder
      3) Open gtaiv.exe and accept the rockstar Terms of Use.
      4) Play the game

    1075. Anonymous /



      How to use:

      1) Copy the paul.dll, gtaiv.exe and Launchgtaiv.exe in your mainfolder
      2) Copy the paul.dll also in your “Offlineactivation”-Folder
      3) Open gtaiv.exe and accept the rockstar Terms of Use.
      4) Play the game

    1076. Demonith /

      PLZZ gayssss i need DVD 2 plzzzzzz

    1077. The Don /
    1078. Demonith /

      TNX m8

    1079. Demonith /

      Grand.Theft.Auto.4.CrackOnly.Proper-Wurstsuppe pass plz

    1080. Mirras /

      I have a problem with GTA IV. I have core 2 duo, 3gb ram, gforce 9600m GS 512, and the GTA running F*Ckin SLOWLY !!!! Yop and i have all details on medium and resol. 800×600, what´s mean the game is very ugly. But i have nfs undercover on very high details and runs good. What i have to do with that????

    1081. GTAMAN /

      The offlineactivation Folder Is Not even Needed, You Can Delete That and Still play The Game

    1082. Mirras /

      please help me..

    1083. VKS (RUS) /

      Help me plz… Why i can not change grafick setings? I can run on medium, but it runse on minimum…

    1084. has anyone found a solution to shaking camera..?

    1085. GTAMAN /

      You Really Need to Install NET Framework 3.5, And Update DirectX, Windows Live, Vcredist And Graphics Card Drivers And It Runs,

    1086. VKS (RUS) /

      GTAMAN,If it’s adresed to me. Then where can i download it, and haw to instal?

    1087. weel i have vista sp1 with directx10, i have .net frameworl 3.5, i updated windows live for sure. Maibe it’s the graphic card drivers…i have ati mobility radeon 3850.
      any other sugestions?

    1088. GTAMAN /

      For shaking camera Start The game And Skip The Cut Scene At The start If That Dont Work Restart The Game Make Sure To Run LaunchGTAIV.exe

      Net Framework

    1089. Anonymous /

      i cant instal news carddriver because i have a notebook, which means that manufacturer (asus) do not do news updates… bastards

    1090. The Don /

      Have you ATI or Nvidia??

    1091. Mirras /

      i have nvidia geforce 9600m GS 512

    1092. GTAMAN /

      I Got The shaking camera To But I Disconnect From The net Then Restart Game Skipping Cut Scene And it worked

    1093. VKS (RUS) /

      GTAMAN, cutseen you mean when youre push “New Game” ore just whene you push GTA lancher?

    1094. fiction /

      hm have tested it.. i get drunken camera before i can save. in the house.

    1095. fiction /

      going to test to disconnect from internet.

    1096. GTAMAN /

      Cut Scene At the Start Of The Game The Intro

    1097. GTAMAN /

      If Your Trying To play While Connected To The Net They Will Know It Not Legit And F|_|CK With The Game Securom Is Evil Remember

    1098. The only crack i could play with was wurstsuppe.Proper:

      1) Copy the paul.dll, gtaiv.exe and Launchgtaiv.exe in your mainfolder
      2) Copy the paul.dll also in your “Offlineactivation”-Folder
      3) Open gtaiv.exe and accept the rockstar Terms of Use.
      4) Play the game

    1099. Anonymous /

      Wurstsuppe is a stup*d d*ck. The crack is add by Crytek!!

    1100. Anonymous /

      wurstsuppe just stole it

    1101. VKS (RUS) /

      Haw to enable safe game? I want to play it, and safe mine progres.

    1102. Demonith /

      Windows Live offline u need account for offline

    1103. Anonymous /

      No, nobody have a sevegame enable. Because this is first quick crack. You must wait for a sophisticated crack…

    1104. fiction /

      hmmm. nothing seems to fix the wiggeling camera for me.. hm..

    1105. for me didn’t work…still getting the shaking camera

    1106. Anonymous /

      OMG, shaking camera dont disappear. We need sofisticated Crack….

    1107. GTAMAN /

      If Anyone Wants To play GTA IV With There Favorite Control Pad, Not Just The XBOX One Download This -> – I Use This Its Great

      Here Is The Code :

      name: Elias Sol
      password: stupn4ptE

      unlock key: KIRN-P3HK-DTM-UJ6-QNKQ
      magic color: YELLOW
      magic word: APPLE
      checkmarks: C7-D1-E4-F5-H5

    1108. GTAMAN /


      Cam is shaking? Close the game, and restart. Voila, perfectly playable!

      Next time you start, it’ll have the shakey cam again.
      Just close it and restart, perfectly playable again.

      Works all the time.


      Unplug from the internet (literally pull the cable out while you play the game).
      Make sure to close down RS Social Club before replugging it.

      When the game starts or tries to autosave, it’ll tell you that you must be logged into an account.

      Accept to log-in/create profile in Windows Live tab (WHITHIN THE GAME) and click on “Create OFFLINE account”

      Create some fake account, this will only be seen by you on your computer (unless you’re stupid enough to try and play online with a cracked game).

      There ya go,

      Oh and “RMN40 error” or whatever is because you probably don’t have SP3 (winXP) or SP1 (Vista), both of which are available on Microsoft’s site.

    1109. fiction /

      i dont even get to save the game before the drunken cam appear

    1110. GTAMAN /

      Did You Activate It Using The cracked Activation DLL Before Copying The Rest Of The cracks Crytec Provided Thats What I Did

    1111. fiction /

      “Did You Activate It Using The cracked Activation DLL”

      now im lost..
      activate what? where?

    1112. fiction /

      do you mean if i have copied the paul.dll file for to passby the activation dialog?

    1113. GTAMAN /

      The First Crack That came Out Were You Copy Then Type Any Serial And It Say activated, Then you Copy Crytecs Crack To The Main Folder, By The Way I Just Deleted The Offline Activation Folder Its Not Even Needed When You Use The Crack But Activating It First Makes A Differnce I Think

    1114. I’m starting to think this will not get prolly cracked in the next week….worse in the next month year…or the worsest evah.. I did the restart thingy for drunken cam, managed to get to my cousin’s home then it crashed full system retart…no warnings nothing… If the R* A-holes would have spent this much time in making a more stable game and less requirement for med PCs as they did for putting in a protection that eventually will get cracked…in the end it’s all ones and zeroes….there’s nothing they know, that others don’t already know or will find out…I guess this has just pissed people off that wait for a crack and made them go out and buy the game… And they pissed me so much that I’ve lost interest in playing the cracked/retail version. I always bought games worth playing…they don’t have to go through this B$.. to get you to buy it.


      Btw, I used the FTS crack on fresh install from clone dvd, connection offline and all that, worked perfectly, but as I said it crashed. Not gonna bother to try to find out the cause of the crash.

    1115. GTAMAN /

      I Would`nt Buy It Now Because Of There Actions

    1116. fiction /

      gosu i agree with you..

      and for the gtaman where did you get that from, can you link it pls. i just copied the paul.dll file and the activation box dissapeard.

    1117. fiction /

      aha, i have tested it both..

      but i havent tested this ” Start your desktopshortcut of LaunchGTAIV.exe in compatible mode Windows 2000″

      but i have vista s1..

    1118. fiction /

      nope, same problem.. hm.

    1119. GTAMAN /

      I Am Running It On
      Windows Vistaâ„¢ Ultimate (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1
      DirectX 10
      NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
      Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
      HP w2007 Wide LCD Monitor
      3070MB RAM

    1120. VKS (RUS) /

      It’s luckes like “GTAMAN” is just facking youre braines people… I do not thinck that he solved the problem.

    1121. VKS (RUS) /

      Не, ну народ… ПОМАГИТЕ!
      Вынес шорткад к ланчеру на дескстоп, в пити дописал в конце -norestrictions Но всеравно ограничение не снято… ЧТО ДЕЛАТЬ, КАК СНЯТЬ!?

    1122. GTAMAN /

      Yes It Did Run Shaky First But Then When I Restart It The second Time It Runs Fine But I Activated It With the Paul.dll The first Crack that Was Out Before using The Launchgta.exe And Gtaiv.exe Crack And Thought That Was Why Mine Worked, I Am Not F|_|CKING With Anyone.

    1123. The Don /

      Smile people the camera problem is slowed (maybe)!!!
      You have to use the Wurstsuppe and VERY IMPORTANT: turn down the resulution of your desktop!!

      Here the INFO:

      Wurstsuppe praesentiert:


      How to use:

      1) Copy the paul.dll, gtaiv.exe and Launchgtaiv.exe in your mainfolder
      2) Copy the paul.dll also in your “Offlineactivation”-Folder
      3) Open gtaiv.exe and accept the rockstar Terms of Use.
      4) Play the game

      NOTE: To solve the problem with the camera bug, turn down the resulution then restart the computer,
      and then it works, at least for 6 six friends of mine and me!

      Notes to Rockstar: hehehe… so, you spent 200k $ on protection and now i owned you. hahahaha !!!

    1124. The Don /

      Here is the link:

      Finally I can change the resolution in the game!!!

    1125. fiction /

      how do i change the date of launchgta.exe? hmm

    1126. VKS (RUS) /

      There are rumors, that Reloded, and ader cracker groupse are payde by Rokstar, in terms of not relising crackes for two monts. And they are rememberd of some spesial operation of FBI witch kiled two crackers groups.

    1127. what do you mean by turning down the resolution….?

    1128. GTAMAN /

      You Dont need To Change The date Its By 3rd Its released

      VKS (RUS) Where Did You hear That Shizzle

    1129. fiction /

      how do i change the date of the file Launchgtaiv.exe?
      it sais “date modified 24/nov-08

    1130. Hello everyone. My Rockstar Games Social Club seems not to work. Could someone upload the rgsc.exe file for me so I can replace mine with the uploaded one? I don’t know if it helps but I want to try. Or maybe you guys know the reason why RGSC isn’t working? :(:(:(

    1131. fiction /

      aha whitch do i must look at? “created 3dec or modified 24 nov?

    1132. I tried ” Start your desktopshortcut of LaunchGTAIV.exe in compatible mode Windows 2000″ with Vista.. then the RGSC.exe simply crashes when you start GTA.. So that’s no good it seems.

    1133. GTAMAN /

      Look Just Activate It With The First Paul.dll that Was Released Then Copy The Two exe Cracks Into Main dirctory And run LaunchGTAIV.exe Disconnect From The Net First Skip Sign In To RGSC

    1134. GTAMAN /

      KriX Reinstall The Game

    1135. fiction /

      im getting tired of this shit……..
      same problem all over again.. in the house after the film.. before saving. i cant move and the screen start to act like drunk…hmm

    1136. fiction /

      gtaman. do you copy som paul.dll file in the mail folder of gta4? or just in the offline activation?

    1137. GTAMAN /

      Did It Work Right UpTo Then, I Got OutSide After The Apartment Scene That tells you to Sleep on The Bed To save game, And In-to A car And Drove Around Abit And It was fine But Not Went Any Futher In Missions Or Anything

    1138. bopperman /

      having truble with it asking for the xlive drill cant be found any help with this one guyz??

    1139. fiction /

      hm nope. every time its earlyer or before save it starts

    1140. GTAMAN I have reinstalled the game few times but it didn’t help. Anyone know where I can download the full RGSC client? Please.

    1141. Anonymous /

      that rgsc client is on CD1 in samename folder… you must install it manualy.

    1142. bopperman /

      having truble with it asking for the xlive.dll cant be found any help with this one guyz??

    1143. GTAMAN /

      KriX I Uploaded It To MegaUpload Still waiting I Will post Link

      bopperman Try This:

    1144. Demonith /

      Can someone make a video tut how make game run :)

    1145. fiction /

      GTAMAN now i can go further after the save but i get that you got.. after when i drive a care to his cusin on it start shaking.

    1146. GTAMAN /

      This Is what Worked For Me Reinstall the Game Clean

      This To activate It First :

      Then Use The Two Exe Files LaunchGtaiv.exe And Gtaiv.exe From this Crack :

      Disconnect From The Net Run LaunchGtaiv.exe ,Skip RGSC Sign In Skip Intro At Start
      If Its Shaky Exit Game, And Try Again Should work.

    1147. fiction /

      ok going to try it now

    1148. The Don /

      I played more than 1 hour without problems!!!

      I mean the windows XP or Vista desktop resolution, before I start the game
      I put my windows XP resolution at 1024×768, in the game I have the same resolution.

    1149. GTAMAN /

      Even The VIP Members Of TPB Are Releasing The Same SH1T Over Again, I Thing We Are All F|_|CKED.

    1150. Demonith /

      I think its a fake

    1151. VKS (RUS) /


    1152. GTAMAN /

      No The Game Is Real Just The Same Bugged Crack We Are Using Thats In It, Then They Reupload it And Call It A Scene Release F|_|CKING N00bs

    1153. VKS (RUS) /

      Blatj, pridurok… I mean that the game on TPB (NEW ONE) is fake, the same one, with sheaty crack.

    1154. GTAMAN /

      Is Reloaded Vitality And RAZOR1911, The Only Ones That Can Crack A Game In The World.

    1155. GTAMAN /

      What I Dont UnderStand Is You Dont Need The Offline Activation Folder After You Crack The Game So Why Is All the crackers Uploading It

    1156. toshapn /

      I cant get game to work,got that cmd window over and over,i’m not noob,do everything right,but cant manage to get off this point…….PLEASE HELP !

    1157. VKS (RUS) /

      Also thise one…
      Thise lukes more like true?

    1158. fiction /

      toshapn hade de same problem once.. i just turned of the pc and tried again.. when i load stuff with torrent my firefox and iexplorer just stand stil. but my connection is allright. so try to turn off the pc.

    1159. GTAMAN /

      I Think This One We Already Have >>

    1160. fiction /

      i dont believe they will crack this game properly.. so lost hope for the crack for this game.

    1161. fiction /

      by the way i dont think that is going to be able to play the game online.. and saw vids of it.. its seems pretty cool.

    1162. Anonymous /

      This Looks Legit >>

      But I Have A Time Out On DepositFiles

    1163. RELOADED (TEAM) /


      *******RLD TEAM******

    1164. @gtaman
      apparently yes…

      I wonder are the ppl saying that it’s reloaded team posting really them or it’s some god damn n00b trying to take our hope away? or a R* A-HOLE

    1165. Reloaded /

      thats true that rockstar pay u to not realise crack?
      that sucks, it realy does dude! and now some guys created crack, and u gonna just like that make some updates and call it your crack! u are noobish

    1166. thats true that rockstar pay u to not realise crack?
      that sucks, it realy does dude! and now some guys created crack, and u gonna just like that make some updates and call it your crack! u are noobish

    1167. RELOADED (TEAM) /


      HERE :

      *******RLD TEAM******

    1168. VKS (RUS) /

      Reloded, you gived rong link.
      Here’s the tru one.

    1169. GTAMAN /


      *******RLD TEAM******

    1170. GTAMAN /



      IT NOW!

      -> -> ->

    1171. VKS (RUS) /


    1172. GTAMAN /

      VKS I Thought The Russians Would Have Had This Cracked By Now

      Hear AnyThing I Cant Understand The Russian Websites That Have GTA IV Cracks

      Only English The Ones

    1173. Rick Rolled /

      it can be annoying but i like that song even though i was born in 91

    1174. GTAMAN /

      So The Crack Worked For You Then Told You

      -> -> ->

    1175. VKS (RUS) /

      Put thise link in youre ass, and fack yourself with it.

    1176. Demonith /

      GTAMAN put the video in yore (F.cked

    1177. GTAMAN /


    1178. Demonith /

      Comeon Crackers make a nice working crack we support you !!!!!!!!!

    1179. RELOADED (TEAM) /


      LINK :


      ThankYou For Waiting

      We Will Never Let You Down

    1180. Demonith /

      Hahahah not this time :)use your nick names asshool;s

    1181. GTAMAN /

      That Works Great Thanks RELOADED TEAM

    1182. Demonith /

      GTAMAN go to hell dude

    1183. Hey . I followed your adwise and my gta IV is working now efter a few restart of the game when it begins to shake. You can also make the shakking disapear if you have a save game and load it when the shaking begins. After 3 minutes its starting again. bummer.

      Every 3 minutes its starts shaking, i think it is some kind off a runcheck the game is going throug. But if you restart the game like 3-4 times it dosnt do it anymore, i have just been playing for 2 hours with save game and all. My cable was plugged out so i was in offline live mode.

    1184. I do not cnow haw, but i just playd for 20 min with no shakeng…After i exite the game, and naw enterd the shaking started agein… Sheat!

    1185. Demonith /

      Nice to know that

    1186. I will try to do somethinck naw… It’s sayse that it’s fixes camera bug (for time)

    1187. Demonith /

      Is everybodey dead ???? what about crack is it out yet the real one?!

    1188. Dont work… that is real. No releasegrp can make a Crack that is real too…
      The copyprotection is to hard…

    1189. VKS (RUS) /

      After mine laste post i was playing game, til naw. With thise crack
      It all have to be done with pure version of game, not cracked.
      1 TUrn youre internet off (unplug the cable)
      2 Copy avrething frome (stepe 1) – “Шаг 1” щ пфьу ащдвук
      3 Run loder2
      4 tipe in 1234
      5 push “cancel”
      6 copy all frome step2 “Шаг 2” to game dir
      7 Pusj on lancher – play game.
      To be able to play game, whene the bags with camera starts juste exit game to dexstop, and start it agein, wait bags to start, and do thise agein!(3-4 times usuali)
      After thise f@cking shamaning you will be able to play.

    1190. VKS (RUS) /

      200 000$ protection system is haked for naw :D Not to easy way to play, but if you want to play thise’s an only way to play :)
      “*** Скачать / Download ***”

    1191. VKS (RUS) /

      Gud night to you all. You pendoses have a day right naw, but i have a night 01:10 :D
      Have fun playing the game, if all don hau i describe the game will work :)

    1192. Anonymous /

      Can you upload the ” NEW CRACK FROM RUSSIA ” ?
      Cant read / spead rus. Thx a lot… Gn8 everybody ^^

    1193. Hey.. Mine works with the cracks from yesterday night – I have to restart the game 2-3 times and then it works.. Been playing for like 7 hours now :D

    1194. Demonith / has a new crack Grand Theft Auto 4 [MULTI5] No-DVD/Fixed Image

    1195. cevece /

      Grand Theft Auto 4 [MULTI5] No-DVD/Fixed Image from Bender
      Got it from

      GTA IV [GER, ENG, FR, IT, SP] – Mini Image
      SecuROM 7.38.0014

      Play Instructions:
      Install the game – Full Installation.
      Mount the GTA IV DVD 1.MDS Mini-Image in Virtual IDE drive in DAEMON Tools Pro Advance v4.30.303.
      Use an anti-blacklisting tool, like Y.A.S.U v1.5.8111, to avoid blacklisting of DAEMON Tools.
      Play the Game!

      Download :

    1196. Anonymous /

      why is there a song of beyonce in the pack?

    1197. Demonith /

      No more cracks??????Crackers where are u gays!???!?!??

    1198. GTAMAN /


      LINK :


    1199. grunch /

      GTA IV Crack Securom Bypass Launcher UBER-PROPER-FeD0R

      note from nfo:

      1. DO A CLEAN INSTALL (Use original GTAIV.exe, GTAIVGDF.dll, etc)
      2. Replace LaunchGTAIV.exe with provided launcher
      3. Run GTA IV from Rockstar Games Social Club (RGSC)

      No activation required. No serial required unless you want to play on L!VE.

    1200. F e D 0 R /

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      (Use original GTAIV.exe, GTAIVGDF.dll, etc)
      2. Replace LaunchGTAIV.exe with provided launcher
      3. Run GTA IV from Rockstar Games Social Club (RGSC)

      No activation required. No serial required
      unless you want to play on L!VE.

      LINK :

      ~ FeD0R 2008 ~

    1201. fiction /

      how is the grafik and all that stuff? cam ? is it like before?

    1202. FeDOR FIXES /

      latest fix !!!!!

      LINK :

    1203. GTAMAN /


      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

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    1204. RELOADED (TEAM) /

      Ok People So Here Is What Happened We Where Going To Release A Crack For GTA IV, But ViTALiTY Brought Round Mrs PACMAN Been Playing It For 5 Days Now, The Two Of Us Emailed Skullptura To See If He Would Crack And Rip It, Well Turns Out Him And Subzero AKA> TOED Were On Level 43 In PONG EnyWay Thanks For Your Patience In This Matter.

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    1205. VKS (RUS) /

      They spend so mutch money on protection (200 000$)… Mass Effect did not spended so mutch, and i was cracking longer then thise :D Hope that there is no more surprises frome Rokstar :)

    1206. I bought retail version of game today, £29.35p, gosh you miserable gits!

    1207. Johno 1 /

      I bought retail version of game today, £29.35p, gosh you miserable gits!

    1208. Anonymous /

      ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      Johno Here You Could Have Bought It For £19.95 LOOK -> LINK :

    1209. GTAMAN /

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      Johno Here You Could Have Bought It For £19.95 LOOK -> LINK :

    1210. Mirras /

      ohhh… I cant stop playing GTA IV. I love this game..

    1211. GTAMAN /


    1212. GTAMAN /

      I Know Other Antiviruses Get False positives But KASPERSKY 2009 RARLY Gets It Wrong, You Have Been Warned.

      [ FeDOR GTAIVLauncher.exe IS A TROJAN! ]

    1213. Mirras /

      GTAMAN: why you lie to people? You are an F*ckin Id*ot… Game works perfect!!! Dont trust him… Drž hubu ty trapnej čůráčku….

    1214. GTAMAN /

      Mirras You Little PR1Ck I Am In SafeMode Just Now Scanning With Nod32 Online Scanner, Because I Cant Boot Up Through FeDOR GTAIVLauncher.exe Trojan Its Installed Malware Too You`ll see Just Wait, I Dont Care If You Dont Beleve Me Its You Computer And Privacy I Recommended This Crack To People When I First Tried, It Because It Worked So Well So But Now I Know Its Infected F|_|CKYOU Mirrass.

    1215. does this Work

    1216. Its really a Trojan. But it works :P Wait for a rlsgrp crack… or visit and search for Grand theft auto IV/4 You can download a Fixed/nocd/Image. You need Y.A.S.U.
      Emuhider and Deamon tools 4.30 Pro adcanced edit ! Mf

    1217. GTAMAN, блять пидарас ты тупой! У меня KASPERSKY 2009 нехуя он трояна там не нашол! Если бы он был там, то сразубы каспер предупредил.
      I have “KASPERSKY 2009 ” license witch obdaites, and to viruses find in crack.

    1218. Why you edit my Post ?

    1219. GTAMAN /

      Turns Out The FeDOR GTAIVLauncher.exe The One I Got Was Infected, It Was Repacked And I Downloaded It From The Piratebay, One Is Ok The Others Are Not, AnyWay I Am Using The Real Razor Crack Now Its Clean And There Is No Lag In The Gameplay So it Works Better.

    1220. Is It The Full Version With Radio Stations and Sound in the intro’s
      Or Is Rip where the Radio Stations and the sound in the intro’s have been taken out.

    1221. whiteghost /

      NO DVD !!!!!!!!!!! NO DVD
      just replace original on this

    1222. i had posted here a few days ago while i was trying to get this game working i finally get it yesterday to work but it was bad, bad graphic and all of that because my computer i think is old i have an AMD Atholn 3800+ ,2ghz, 250 gb, 1.5 gb ddr2 ram (1 gb ram i bought today because i was hoping that the game will work) , nvidia geforce en7300GT 256 ddr2 , i instaled the latest video drivers , i’ve put service pack 3 and now i have to bought another video card VC Galaxy GF 9500GT, 1Gb, DDR2, PCI Express, (128bit), HDTV, Dual DVI, Cooling Fan , and if i had that video card the game will run at low :)), i neeed another procesor something like 2.4 ghz whit two procesors , that is to much for me, i’ve seen that the game it’s outstandig, it’s the best game ever made but still to buy all this and only to play in a few monts you get bored, maybe i will try to save money for parts, am not a kid whit rich parents an therefore i got to work to have money. sorry for my bad english

    1223. i realised tha if i will buy a psp3 and the original game i will not have this kind of problems and i think the future of pc games is shorter than you think because they lose a lot of money. but everyone has to lose something

    1224. xesexcom /

      Sex offenders in my area.
      Registered sex offenders in my area…

    1225. LuigiBlood /

      GTA IV Patch is out !

    1226. Who want a real crack for GTA IV whos really working ? Write it in here…
      If anyone can speak german so say it !


    1227. GBralta /

      Did anyone ever figure out how to get rid of that Woobble?

    1228. zulebull /

      Umm hi all…i using window xp and i going to start gta 4 but they said that parental control has blocked me from playing…. how do i disable it…?

    1229. This made my game run a bit smoother