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Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit Build 6801 DVD-WinBeta

Release Group: WinBeta
Release Name: Microsoft.Windows.7.32Bit.Build.6801.DVD-WinBeta
Release Date: OCT 29, 2008
Filename: wb-win7pdc32bit6801dvd
Size: 2.75GB

Windows 7 is designed to make everyday tasks faster and easier, and make new things possible for end users. Windows 7 reflects an evolved approach to engineering that incorporates customer and partner feedback more closely into the development process. It will deliver innovative new features while focusing on application and device compatibility. With Windows 7, Microsoft is working to establish a more consistent and predictable release schedule so partners across the Windows ecosystem can easily and quickly build on the new capabilities Windows has to offer. This is the Build distributed at the Microsoft PDC 2008! The build tag is: 6801.winmain_win7m3.080913-2030.


  1. Unpack
  2. Burn to dvd or mount with an emulator
  3. Install, Leave the cd-key field blank and install without a key.

[NFO Note]: This is an untouched ISO.

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  1. does anyone know how stable this is?

  2. This is a pre-beta build.
    Does NOT have the new taskbar.

    Here are a few screenshots from this build:

    I think the new interface (taskbar and such) comes with build 6933 and later.

  3. Vista 2?

  4. @me
    Windows 7 improves upon Vista, but is built upon the same architecture.

  5. Billy Gates /

    Impressive, when does it come out for real?

  6. Microsoft is planning for a June 2009 release.

  7. Anonymous /

    anyone checked it?
    Any tips ?
    download or not download?

  8. why would you download a beta?

    get vista sp1 ultimate. 5clicks to activate it

  9. u could test it with vmware it think

  10. Natofsoft /


  11. Anonymous /

    can’t wait to try it!

    btw, there is a free alternative to vmware in case some of you not aware of, VirtualBox. (in my opinion works a hella better as well)

  12. qwd90qwd /


    or x86;


  13. Same architecture as vista? Not sure thats a good thing; though vista runs great on a fast rig; it downright bogs laptops down.

    I was under the impression that the new windows OS was going to be called windows live…

    Google windows live and you’ll see what im talking about

  14. I agree with Anonymous Virtualbox is great.

  15. @Super
    Windows Live is a lot of things, but an OS it’s not. Sorry, but you misunderstood whatever information you read.

    If you googled a little bit further you’d find that Microsoft is removing a lot of apps to trim down Windows and also so that Windows releases are no longer dependent on these apps being developed. The apps that won’t be a part of Windows 7 are being developed for Windows Live.

    i.e., Windows Live apps are in direct competition with the Google apps.

  16. Some Dude /

    Windows 7 is essentially Vista SP2.

    Don’t be fooled, unless you’ve got 8GB of RAM, and an octo-core processor, it’s the same crap.

  17. play4you /

    —>> DmM <<—

    this is ** Windows 7 Milestone 2 **

  18. Spanish Instructions,

    Instrucciones en Español:

  19. DO NOT download DmM’s rapidshare links, they are milestone ware..f*** as*hole is trying to get points

  20. “Windows 7 is essentially Vista SP2.

    Don’t be fooled, unless you’ve got 8GB of RAM, and an octo-core processor, it’s the same crap.”

    WRONG, Actually it is going to be quite a bit faster than Vista.

  21. a heads up /


  22. erazare /

    6933 was the build that was shown at the pdc not 6801. there is SUPPOSED to be a leak of 6933 on p2p i have yet to find it though, thats the one with the new taskbar

  23. @erazare

    you are correct that 6933 was shown at the PDC, but 6801 IS the build that was distributed to attendees (i.e., they showed 6933 but did not pass it out)

    as for the taskbar features, they ARE in build 6801 only hidden.

  24. Help!

    I downloaded the torrent, and have 2.75 GB worth of data on my hd. The instructions are to ‘unpack’, but I have a standard folder full of exactly the same size winrar archives. I created an ISO from the folder and burnt it to dvd but I can’t boot from it. Am not sure what next. Help appreciated!


  25. odusmc vpmazqh /

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