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Release Group: SCEPER
Release Name:

Release Date: 09/08/2011
Filename: All rared as release name. For pack content, please check the .nfo file.
Source: Various but all from Scene
Size: 800 mb rar parts for every game + 5% rar recovery record
Genre: Various
http://uk.pc.ign.com/index/top-reviewed.html & Also check links bellow

Release Description

This is the second part of IGN’s Top PC Games of all time list.
You can find the rest of the games here: IGN TOP PC GAMES ALL TIME – SCEPER
All releases were extracted and re-rared with 800mb part links.
All .nfos preserved, for installation instructions.
Please check .nfo for pack content.

Check pack’s .nfo:

Pack content

Games included in this Pack:

Battlefield 1942
BioShock 2
Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Company of Heroes
Crysis Warhead
Crysis 2
Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Max Payne 2
Max Payne
Medal of Honour: Allied Assault
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Quake III: Arena
Sid Meier’s Civilization IV
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
World in Conflict

Release Posters

Editor’s note

Should i continue to post Top PC Games? Please comment. ;)


Download Links

DOWNLOAD (FileServe) (Wupload) (FileSonic)



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  1. MojoRisin /

    Please don’t forget to comment. Would like to know your feedback…
    Happy downloading & gamming! :)

  2. Error /

    Ofc mate, some great titles in there!

  3. Download.. /



    DOWNLOAD-Direct-fast-no pass-enjooy :) )


  4. absolutely brother …u should

  5. Anonymous /

    i’d love that

  6. Anonymous /

    torrent please

  7. Anonymous /

    Ok i downloaded q3 team arena, extracted, got a big file with no extension, turned out to be a joined file composed of all the small rars that should’ve been there, but my winrar doesn’t recognize it as one big file, it shows the contents but treats the file as only the first part, so how do i split the file to multiple rars or extract everything without splitting (when i try to extract i get the “insert path to next aka r00 file”), i could download it off the torrents but im actually curious as to how to do this

  8. Anonymous /

    of course,where else would we go.

  9. ThisIsBilly_ /

    Definitely post more! Thankyou in advance.

  10. ThisIsBilly_ /

    Any rapidshare links maybe?

  11. MojoRisin /

    I apologize for the Quake 3. I made a mistake in that upload only bcause of the split files. Files got re-uploaded. Could you please test it?

  12. Anonymous /

    Yes – I’d like to see more top PC games posted.

  13. Anonymous /

    Any nzb for this? and yes post more top games, an awesome idea…..

  14. Anonymous /

    +1 torrent please, great up

  15. Anonymous /

    I cant seem to find San Andreas in the pack?

  16. Anonymous /

    Yes Please! Keep’em coming!

  17. Anonymous /

    World in Conflict file on all 3 sites is wrong file size.
    Only 1.93mb


  18. Hecky yea! /

    Please do!

  19. Anonymous /

    wheres san andreas

  20. Anonymous /

    There are two part 7 in Bioshock 2, and there is no part 6 unless one is mislabeled.

  21. MojoRisin /

    Thank you all for the feedback.

    Bioshock 2 part 6 can be downloaded from FileSonic or Wupload – fileserve messed up the uploading.
    World in Conflict is indeed with wrong size. Will re-upload soon.
    San Andreas was not properly uploaded (dont know what happened to be honest).

    Wil re-upload World in Conflict and San Andreas soon. Sorry for that.
    Keep the comments coming. ;)


  22. Fix That NFO /

    Fix up ur NFO plzzzzzzz….. looks like poo……

  23. Anonymous /

    Both warcraft and c&c both have funny files that i am unable to extract.

    Downloaded from fileserve


  24. blitzkrieg /

    can u post some torrent down load links… thank you so much

  25. Anonymous /

    anybody figure out how to extract the file? I end up with a “file” with no extension, if I try to unrar using winrar it asks for “r00”. How do i get around this?

  26. Naldo /

    Same here, extracted a big file with no extension and i can’t get to decompress it, it keeps asking for r00 file.

  27. Hey MojoRisin /

    Thanks for the release but please do state how to extract this “file”! I have a large 6GB file with no extension and I am not able to extract, when using winrar it asks for r00.

  28. what a mess, anyone got it extracted, or how to install it after extracted to the big file with no extension.

  29. Anonymous /

    How to extract the 1 big file???

  30. noypi /

    The extraction process was a bit confusing. Spent few tries on how to extract this, and at the end it just a luck. So hope this will help noob, like me… Ff are the steps I did using CoD4. It works for me, so I hope it also works for other games.

    1. Extract the rar files (the you downloaded).
    2. You will see 1 big file w/out extension – rzr-cod4.
    3. Rename the file and put .rar extension.
    4. Then, extract the rzr-cod4.rar.
    5. When looking for .r00 file, look for the part 2 file. Eg Call_Of_Duty_4-Razor1911.part02.
    6. Make sure all your rars (part files) are in the same folder (will make this process easy).
    6. Finally, wait patiently, check the status of other files you’ve been downloading, take a break and in no time you’re ready to install your game.

    Salute to MojoRisin for this post.

  31. to noypi /

    does not work for me :(

  32. Anonymous /

    Outstanding post, keep up the great work!

  33. Fix That NFO YOURSELF /

    just open it with wordpad instead of editor, then save and open with editor again. voila

  34. extract /

    i still havent figured out the extract process, i got two files called rzr-gta4a and rzr-gta4b but no matter what i do i cant join them, anyone know how to???
    i tried naming them part01.rar didnt work,
    named them r00 and r01 didnt work,
    named them iso didnt work,
    just rar didnt work,
    001 002 join with splitter didnt work,

    im out of ideas, anyone can help’?

  35. EXTRACT GTA4 /

    This release is a piece of crap!!
    I’m trying to extract GTA4 just as the previous poster and there is no way
    When you rename the files to .rar it recognizes the file as the first 99 MB part and then will ask for a second part and theres nothing else you can do

  36. budakuni /

    in the end all the files posted are crap. i downloaded a lot of games and cannot play it all. :(